The U.S. government relinquishes control of the Internet—how to make sense of the shift

This month, the U.S. government announced that the Department of Commerce would relinquish its remaining oversight and control over domain functions and IP addresses, handing total control to ICANN. Thanks to this proposed shift, there have been a lot of news headlines proclaiming that the NTIA has announced the transition of IANA functions solely to ICANN.

NTIA talking about IANA and ICANN.


If the alphabet soup wasn’t confusing enough, many articles in mainstream media are weighted with a healthy dose of fearing Russia, China, government intervention, and loss of control.

What’s really going on, how important/risky is the proposed shift, and how can you get your voice heard on the matter? We took some time to break this down into easily digestible info for the normal reader who’s not fluent in domain industry acronyms. 

The World Needs You to Get Your .DANCE On


“If you can teach people to dance, it behooves you to save people from those who can’t.” -Pretty Much Anyone Who’s Ever Been on a Dance Floor

Talented people, it’s time to share your skills. Yes, you might have a website for your dance academy or instructor studio, but we think they’re getting lost in the shuffle … or two step or the WWW (Wild Web-based Whirl) of the Internet.

It’s time to stand out because people need you. Not just those who can’t dance and are still out there and dangerous to others whenever the Ramones come on, but for those girlfriends, wives, first dates, and prom crushes who have been left to hunker down and hope their partner doesn’t Disco Sprinkle during a waltz. How many times will the drunken Mony Mony have to suffice as the one time you can get your rhythm impaired partner on the dance floor?

Fourteen New Domains have 10,000 registrations. Who’s next?

New Domains are still in their infancy, but we’re already seeing a lot of growth in the number of New Domain registrations. offers an in-depth look at the New Domains that are available for registration, including which New Domains are domain-ating (see what we did there?) the market, like .GURU, and which New Domains are growing from month-to-month. Altogether (according to this data), there are almost half a million New Domain registrations to date (in mid-April 2014).

Meet the New Domains Available in’s Early Access Program for the Week of April 16th


A new week of Early Access Program (EAP) domains are now available. That means that you can secure the New Domain you want and start using it immediately, before the rest of the Internet. The New Domains that are available using Early Access this week are: .FARM, .CODES, and .VIAJES.

The Early Access Program begins for a handful of New Domains 7 days out from the general availability date. Pricing goes down daily, but by purchasing a domain at a higher price during one of the first EAP days, you guarantee that nobody will snag the domain you’re eyeing away before you.

Early Access to New Domains from for the Week of April 9th


The New Domains offer an interesting quandary: you find just the right domain name for your website but it’s not available to the public…yet you don’t want to wait and lose it to another person. That’s why we offer our Early Access Program (EAP) for New Domain names (insert heroic, orchestral music.) You won’t miss out on registering your name because EAP lets you register–and actually use!–various New Domains before the rest of the Internet.

Who’s down with the EAP?*

Existential philosophers tackle some of your Facebook questions about New Domains

Learning about the glory of New Domains like .GURU, .WEBSITE and .CEO for the very first time can be a mind-blowing experience. We see newbie reactions to New Domain availability and open registration all the time on social media and it causes us to reminisce about when we heard about them for the first time and were like, “Whaaa?!?!” After we cleaned up the mess of our exploding mind grapes, we had some questions.

Chances are, if you’re just finding out about New Domains, you’ve got these same questions about the changing landscape of the Internet. To help you out, we asked some of the greatest existential minds to answer your most frequently asked New Domain questions. And then, because these guys are actually not very helpful at all when it comes to answering questions about New Domains (not to mention, a bit depressing), we answered them ourselves.

Customer Highlight: How DMC Sewer and Water Repair Uses Their New .CONSTRUCTION Domain

Ever wonder who’s actually using the New Domains and how they’re using them?

Meet DMC Sewer and Water Repair, located in Colorado Springs. They’re a specialized excavation company and the proud new owner of ColoradoSprings.CONSTRUCTION, a brand new, market-centered domain. Market-specific domains like .CONSTRUCTION are incredibly popular New Domain options because they help carve out a digital industry niche, creating localized market communities that are easier to network in and navigate through. By grabbing a .CONSTRUCTION site with a relevant geographic tag like “Colorado Springs,” DMC Sewer and Water Repair is at the forefront of innovating the construction niche online.

Elizabeth Clarey, office administrator and billing manager for DMC, explains how the company is using the New Domain, why they took the New Domain plunge, and what the reaction has been so far.