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The New Domains offer an interesting quandary: you find just the right domain name for your website but it’s not available to the public…yet you don’t want to wait and lose it to another person. That’s why we offer our Early Access Program (EAP) for New Domain names (insert heroic, orchestral music.) You won’t miss out on registering your name because EAP lets you register–and actually use!–various New Domains before the rest of the Internet.

Who’s down with the EAP?*

Existential philosophers tackle some of your Facebook questions about New Domains

Learning about the glory of New Domains like .GURU, .WEBSITE and .CEO for the very first time can be a mind-blowing experience. We see newbie reactions to New Domain availability and open registration all the time on social media and it causes us to reminisce about when we heard about them for the first time and were like, “Whaaa?!?!” After we cleaned up the mess of our exploding mind grapes, we had some questions.

Chances are, if you’re just finding out about New Domains, you’ve got these same questions about the changing landscape of the Internet. To help you out, we asked some of the greatest existential minds to answer your most frequently asked New Domain questions. And then, because these guys are actually not very helpful at all when it comes to answering questions about New Domains (not to mention, a bit depressing), we answered them ourselves.

Customer Highlight: How DMC Sewer and Water Repair Uses Their New .CONSTRUCTION Domain

Ever wonder who’s actually using the New Domains and how they’re using them?

Meet DMC Sewer and Water Repair, located in Colorado Springs. They’re a specialized excavation company and the proud new owner of ColoradoSprings.CONSTRUCTION, a brand new, market-centered domain. Market-specific domains like .CONSTRUCTION are incredibly popular New Domain options because they help carve out a digital industry niche, creating localized market communities that are easier to network in and navigate through. By grabbing a .CONSTRUCTION site with a relevant geographic tag like “Colorado Springs,” DMC Sewer and Water Repair is at the forefront of innovating the construction niche online.

Elizabeth Clarey, office administrator and billing manager for DMC, explains how the company is using the New Domain, why they took the New Domain plunge, and what the reaction has been so far.

The New Domains are awesome


The New Domains—like .GURU and .NINJA—are awesome. They haven’t quite garnished the level of love that they’re going to attain one day, but they’re very well on their way to doing so. When you consider how disruptive technology is typically adopted, it’s easy to see that we’re on the right track to having explosive growth in New Domain registrations, because people are realizing that the New Domains are an evolution of the Internet, rather than a revolution. The New Domains as an extension and progression of the .COM era.

A look inside .CLUB: secret handshakes, registration and more

It’s a great big Internet world out there, so it’s important to weigh anchor by creating and nurturing online communities. Once you start developing digital hubs for the communities you belong to, the often overwhelming Web becomes a place of connection, interaction, and growth.


That connection is exactly what .CLUB offers, and why it’s such an anticipated New Domain. .CLUB is a domain extension centered on creating spaces to call home, for any type of club, anywhere around the globe, including business teams, athletic clubs, science communities, customer communities, culture and pop enthusiast groups, and more.

Who’s behind this innovative New Domain? The people at .Club Domains, LLC. (When they aren’t sponsoring totally awesome bobsled teams, that is.) Who is DotClub, what inspired them to apply for the .CLUB domain, and what makes .CLUB so darn special? We talked to Jeffrey Sass, CMO of DotClub to find out. 

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This is Part 5 in a series of posts about our #HighFiveGuy adventures at SXSW. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

10,000 High Fives are history. After five days we have reached our goal. There is a pretty moving video below of our final fives with the kids at the Austin Children’s Shelter. Now you can help us finish even bigger and help out some kids. And you can do it from your desk, and without even having to touch Steve (#HighFiveGuy). We’ve set up a page where you can make a donation and add to the $500 we raised. Here’s the link:

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Let’s do this! If you’re into domains and want to be part of something even bigger, if even for a moment, then let’s join forces and give somebody some hope.