As New gTLDs Launch, is Your Brand Protected?

One of the most talked about developments in nTLDland (yes, nTLDland is an actual, mystical place where everything has a dot right in front of it), is how to best protect your brand as the nTLDs (new gTLDs) launch. With almost 2,000 nTLD applications making their way through the final stages of the process, you may have to rethink the practices you use to keep your brand secure on the Web. The million dollar question seems to be (pun intended): How can you keep your brand safe without bleeding money in the process?

The Strawman Solution

If you’ve been following ICANN lately, then you know the Internet community is engaged in a two-sided conversation concerning just that. The “Strawman ntld brand protectionSolution,” tentative policy enforcements proposed by ICANN to add protective measures to the policies ...

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Sun Rises on .PW domains names for the Professional Web

Get your Pre-order in now! – The domain name you’ve always wanted is now available with .PW domain names! The Professional Web has a new name, .PW! Through February 8th trademark holders can take advantage of the Sunrise period to secure their domain name.  Literally every name on the planet is available, including short, memorable domain names for your business. If you’re a trademark holder, then do not miss getting the right destination for professionals and business. Go to our .PW information and search page to reserve the right name for your trademark.

The Landrush is Coming – From February 18th to March18th, the landrush period begins and anyone with a professional web presence can pick up a .PW. Availability will still be amazing, which means you can get the domain you want...

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A Look at Some of the Most Controversial nTLDs

If you’ve been following the nTLD application process, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the controversies surrounding some of the applications. Since mad dramz are the order of the day, here’s a look at five of the most talked about nTLD controversies of 2012, and what the future looks like for the applicants and nTLDs involved.


Initially the African Union Commission backed UniForum, a South African non-profit company, to be the sole applicant of .AFRICA, but when the nTLDs controversy DotConnectAfrica Trust had to change their application from .DOTAFRICA, to .AFRICA, so as not to be applying for a similar gTLD to .AFRICA, the two non-profits started a controversy over who should have the registry rights of the nTLD.

Those who back DotConnectAfrica Trust say they don’t want the AUC to h...

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ICANN’s Priority Release Draw, and What’s Next For nTLDs in 2013

On December 17, 2012, ICANN published its priority release list – the result of a prioritization lottery draw determining the order of nTLD (new gTLD) releases in the upcoming year. According to ICANN,  1,766 lottery tickets were purchased for the draw, out of 1,917 possible tickets – meaning 92% of nTLD applications had a purchased ticket for the prioritization draw (check out the results, here).

But, how important is the drawing? The priority number helps the ICANN gTLD team complete work according to a specific order, but despite popular opinion, the position of an application does not necessarily indicate the order of launch – each entity will have to make it through an initial evaluation and pre-delegation phase, to make sure they are ready to go live...

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The gTLD Land Grab Controversy: Google, Amazon, and the GAC Part II

Here is Part I of Tiffany’s series on the gTLD Land Grab Controversy.

Just one of the reasons Amazon and Google are garnering so much attention as new gTLDs (nTLDs) make their way through ICANN’s application process is the sheer number of their applications (read about the other reason, here). Google applied for the administration rights to 98 different nTLDs (after withdrawing three applications), while Amazon applied for the rights to 77 nTLDs. Early Warnings were issued late last month by the GAC, and some issued by Australia to Amazon, touch on the controversy surrounding the notable “land grab” that both Google and Amazon are participating in.

What is a ‘Land Grab’?

“Land grabbing” used to refer to a large-scale acquisition of land by a single entity...

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6 Reasons Why We Like .ME Domain Names

In the marketing mayhem of the Information Age gone wild, .ME stands out as a refreshing take on the individual. People like to do business with people they feel .me domain names logothey know and trust, .ME is a great way to make that introduction.
.ME is the country code for Montenegro, which is pretty cool on its own, but since anyone in the world can own one, we think we should share our

Top 6 reasons why you should get a .ME domain name:

6. PERSONALIZE IT —  It personalizes your web presence. It’s easy to say .ME has become the go-to domain for anyone who’s confident in what they have to offer.
5. POSITIVE WEB PRESENCE — It’s not saddled with any negative connotation of the web. It’s a fresh start on a website (and we think .ME is a perfect match for the free-wheeling web magic of Scrollkit, which ...
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The Internet is Not Going to Break and 4 Other gTLD Myths Refuted

The internet’s abuzz with hype and gossip about the future of top-level domains and we’re here to help. Whether you’re worried about trademark infringement, administrative rights, search engine recognition, squatters or getting a gTLD of your own, don’t let the hype get you down. Here’s 5 gTLD myths debunked

1. A registrar has unlimited control over the release of their gTLDs.

Many people in the ever-watching internet community believe that businesses or organizations that get the rights to administer nTLDs will have the control to keep all of the extensions for their own use. But, it wouldn’t be that simple...

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Geo Domains, SEO, and You

Geo domains are awesome. They are domain names that cater to a specific geographic location, most commonly cities. They are great for SEO because users quite often search for things like “denver ethiopian restaurants” or “denver audi mechanics” on Google and other search engines. Search engines love exact match keywords in the domain name and geo domains offer a fairly easy way to have them. Now, if you know the exact city you want to target things are easy. You can simply register the domain (available by the way), create some sweet content about the topic, and be done. But let’s say you want to target all major cities in a particular state, that’s where the Geo Domain Search Tool comes in. I’ll now show you how, with pictures.

Step 1: type your ke...

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Sunrise, Landrush for the New TLDs


I’m Scott McBreen, Domains Operations Manager at With all the excitement regarding the New Top Level Domains (nTLDs) there are many people wondering how the new domains will be made available.  Others may be curious if it is worth the money to register an nTLD for use as a personal/professional website, or even for investment purposes.  Follow along below for responses to both those questions.

Registry operators, those that manage databases for Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .com, utilize multiple strategies when making domains available to the new TLDs domain name operation managerpublic. Some registries will restrict who can register domains under their TLD, while others will make domains available to general public...

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American as Apple Pie: .US Domain Names (for a bigger piece of the pie)

We’re not going to lie to you. America rocks. There’s no better way to let your customers and website visitors know your pro.

There’s no better way to communicate to visitors that you’re proudly made in the USA than with a .US domain extension, and right now your .US domain names are only $3.99! Now it’s more affordable than ever to be part of the growing “buy local” movement. As in both the United States and abroad, an established American presence online will help  instill consumer confidence in your brand.

Benefits of .US domain names:

  • Appeal to Americans and compete successfully globally
  • Use our Geo Domain Search tool for .US domains (represent your region and nation)
  • Protect your trademark – If you’ve got the .com get the .US before someone else does
  • SEO – Google can rank y...
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