Drunk History celebrated with “Drunk Developer: Bitcoin Edition”

We all know that those who have the most to say are usually drunk, so why not take advantage of this slurring verbosity and get the most out of our alcohol? This “Drunk History” concept is not ours, it is that of Derek Waters and the intrepid team at the website Funny or Die. I’m not hyperlinking you there because you’ll leave and not come back for hours. Google it later. First, join a drunken Pat “P-Fro” Ramsey and a cast of elite actors to learn more about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that’s becoming quite popular amongst investors, consumers and retailers.

Drunk Developer soars above the often dry and boring jargon of giddy tech evangelists to share inside information on the hot, new peer-to-peer money. —Satoshi Nakamoto

With help from our good friends at Highland Mist (about 7 shots) and several pints of beer, you’ll understand more about how you too can make money with Bitcoin. Also, you’ll discover why it’s important to chew and most likely a thing or two about the importance of moderation.


Patrick Ramsey as The Drunk Developer

John Rupp as The Retailer

Ryan Clarey as The DDoS Attack

Nic Steinbach as The Peripheral DDoS Attack

Adam Jensen as Sathoshi Nakamoto

Caroline Temple as Patrick Ramsey

Sean Baxter as Sean Baxter

Jared Ewy as Jared Ewy

Important people: Ashley “Spoon Smiley” Forker, Patrick “P-Mo” Moroney, Steve “Donatelli” Donatelli, Kyle “Fuzzy” Robbins, Ben “Ping Pain” Wenger, Alex “Kehr Package” Kehr, Shannon “Shamazon” Brown, and Ethan “Blaine” Conley

Win Stickers AND a free .COM Domain Name!


It’s Thursday! That doesn’t really mean anything special… except for the fact that we’ve deciding to have a caption contest to give away some stickers because we just got a brand spankin’ new order of stickers!! Woohoo!!!!! We know, you’re way too happy about these stickers! But we’re going to up the ante! If you win this contest, you’re also going to get a FREE .com domain name. Dannnnng what a sweet deal! Now that you’re super stoked, we should probably tell you how you can win the sticker and free .com contest.

Here’s how to enter:

An intimate and revealing interview with spokesperson Vic Dixon

vic dixon 2 spokesman Vic Dixon is a true man of mystery. How is a man so confounded by technology capable of being the face of a tech company? How does a man so bereft of tact manage to avoid career-ending harassment claims? And where did he get that jacket? I sat down with Vic in hopes of finding the answers to these questions.

Ethan Conley: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Vic.

Vic Dixon: There’s a chill in here. I grew up in a tiny island nation off the coast of FloriBama, so I’m only warm if we’re next to a swamp or cuddled up with a couple wives.

EC: …right. Well Vic, I’m just going to start with a very general question. What’s your story?  Tell me about yourself.

Vic’s parents prospered in the nutria business.

VD: Well my parents were refugees of the Great Slovenian War [I am no history expert, but I pretty sure there was no such thing—Editor]. They did some sailing, made a raft out of some old tires and prayer, got over here to the good ‘ol US-of-A and were immediately just sucked into the the nutria business. Are you familiar with nutria? Well, it’s a large rat. So they found some way to make hats and soup out of this here deal. [Vic rambles for a few minutes about catching rats—Editor]

12 GIFs to Help You Express Your Excitement After Buying a Domain

If you just purchased your first domain, or even your hundredth domain, you’re probably way too excited by the thrill of the checkout click. You just bought your own little fertile plot of Internet magic! All of us at are way too excited to think about how you’re going to be building something absolutely awesome on your new domain name. However, we understand that it’s sometimes hard to summarize joy in words, so we decided to help you express your happiness. The GIFs in this post, especially the first one, show our joy that you’re now part of the family. They’re also a great way to help you release your excitement about your new name!

9 Incredible Dog Costumes

A lot of spunky and funky new TLDs are on the way. One that recently caught our attention is .dog. It’s a unique name and made us all dream about what kind of fun dog related websites we could make. While on the hunt for dog website inspiration, we stumbled across a majestic thing: dogs in costumes.

This lead us on an epic quest to find the best dog costumes on the Internet.

What happens on a Google Doc

At we use Google Docs ugh fine Google Drive all the time to collaborate on projects. Most of the time these collaborative documents are free of any shenanigans, but every now and then a shenanigan party breaks out.

That was the case Tuesday, when everyone in the office had access to a company potluck signup spreadsheet and several people were making edits at once. Click through for full size and behold the shenanigans.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.38.52 AMWe have a non sequitur column header about color choice (perhaps aMonty Python reference?). We have people signing up to bring NNOOTTHHIINNGG!, tap water, and early ’90s rap classics. We also have a discussion about whether or not kids would be on the potluck menu.

And we had a few well-adjusted human beings offering to bring actual dishes to the potluck, so that was nice.’s Nic Steinbach checks in from South Africa

photo’s Nic Steinbach is in Durban, South Africa for the ICANN-47 meeting. Getting there wasn’t easy—Nic had to endure six layovers and an in-flight menu that proved to be disagreeable for all passengers—but he made it. Here are his thoughts from ICANN 47.

Half awake and totally jet lagged I stepped into an elevator at Johannesburg’s airport. I think it was around 7 p.m. local time or 10 a.m. MST, but after traveling for more than 20 hours (with two hours to go) it could have been any time. Luckily for me, a fellow ICANN attendee had generously offered me a guest pass into the coveted premium sky lounge—a haven of comfortable chairs, power outlets, WiFi, and free beer. As we got on the elevator, a couple of other ICANN veterans piled in. One person asked me if this was my first ICANN conference. Someone else chimed in, “No, weren’t you at the last two?” joins dotHIV in supporting HIV prevention, treatment, and awareness

The ICANN 47 meeting is being held in Durban, South Africa starting this weekend. Durban is one of the world’s epicenters of HIV infection, with over 40 percent of its adult population living with the HIV virus. dotHIV has focused on the ICANN meeting in Durban as a major fundraising opportunity, and is proud to join in.

dotHIV raised a $20,000 pre-meeting matching pool, and found donors to cover the first $10,000 in donations. Then dotHIV invited the ICANN community to cover the second $10,000, and has stepped to the plate with a $2,500 donation.

The donations and dotHIV’s matched contributions are going toward two awesome organizations:

  • The Blue Roof Wellness Centre: A state-of-the-art care center for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, located on the outskirts of Durban. Blue Roof is a project of Alicia Key’s “Keep a Child Alive” Foundation. KCA is a US-registered charity that supports innovative, community-led HIV-work with a focus on child well-being. As a small, agile organization, they have earned the highest rating from US-based Charity Navigator. 
  • WhizzKids United: Their ‘On the Ball’ curriculum successfully uses soccer as a fun and interactive way to teach 12 -16 year old boys and girls the skills needed to prevent HIV infection, by drawing on each facet of the game and interpreting it into a life skill. The award winning program runs in schools throughout the Durban area, with over 35,000 youth graduates over the last seven years.

For more information on dotHIV’s fundraising program for ICANN 47, click here.

About dotHIV

dotHIV is the applicant behind .HIV, one of the many new TLDs expected to be released in the near future. .HIV will be like a red ribbon for the digital age. Every time you click on a .HIV domain, you’ll be activating a micro-donation. These donations are financed through the sale of .HIV domains. For more information on dotHIV, click here.

Doors locked, keys stolen, hilarity ensues: a prank

At we’re pretty fond of office pranks, and a series of good ones unfolded on Wednesday.

Some background info systems engineer Chris Gaston has a husky named Lobo that he brings into the office on occasion. Lobo is sort of our live mascot. He’s an adventurous canine, and has made some attempts to escape through the public entrance on the west side of the building when Chris has to run to the data center. So now when Lobo is in the office, we occasionally lock that door and use the employee entrance on the east side of the building, which requires a key.

That was the case on Wednesday. Upon returning to the office from lunch, Ashley Forker (marketing manager) intentionally left her keys in the door so that Pat Ramsey (software engineer) could get in the building after swinging by an ATM.

Well, someone got to the door—and Ashley’s keys—before Pat did.