12 GIFs to Help You Express Your Excitement After Buying a Domain

If you just purchased your first domain, or even your hundredth domain, you’re probably way too excited by the thrill of the checkout click. You just bought your own little fertile plot of Internet magic! All of us at are way too excited to think about how you’re going to be building something absolutely awesome on your new domain name. However, we understand that it’s sometimes hard to summarize joy in words, so we decided to help you express your happiness. The GIFs in this post, especially the first one, show our joy that you’re now part of the family. They’re also a great way to help you release your excitement about your new name!

9 Incredible Dog Costumes

A lot of spunky and funky new TLDs are on the way. One that recently caught our attention is .dog. It’s a unique name and made us all dream about what kind of fun dog related websites we could make. While on the hunt for dog website inspiration, we stumbled across a majestic thing: dogs in costumes.

This lead us on an epic quest to find the best dog costumes on the Internet.

What happens on a Google Doc

At we use Google Docs ugh fine Google Drive all the time to collaborate on projects. Most of the time these collaborative documents are free of any shenanigans, but every now and then a shenanigan party breaks out.

That was the case Tuesday, when everyone in the office had access to a company potluck signup spreadsheet and several people were making edits at once. Click through for full size and behold the shenanigans.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 9.38.52 AMWe have a non sequitur column header about color choice (perhaps aMonty Python reference?). We have people signing up to bring NNOOTTHHIINNGG!, tap water, and early ’90s rap classics. We also have a discussion about whether or not kids would be on the potluck menu.

And we had a few well-adjusted human beings offering to bring actual dishes to the potluck, so that was nice.’s Nic Steinbach checks in from South Africa

photo’s Nic Steinbach is in Durban, South Africa for the ICANN-47 meeting. Getting there wasn’t easy—Nic had to endure six layovers and an in-flight menu that proved to be disagreeable for all passengers—but he made it. Here are his thoughts from ICANN 47.

Half awake and totally jet lagged I stepped into an elevator at Johannesburg’s airport. I think it was around 7 p.m. local time or 10 a.m. MST, but after traveling for more than 20 hours (with two hours to go) it could have been any time. Luckily for me, a fellow ICANN attendee had generously offered me a guest pass into the coveted premium sky lounge—a haven of comfortable chairs, power outlets, WiFi, and free beer. As we got on the elevator, a couple of other ICANN veterans piled in. One person asked me if this was my first ICANN conference. Someone else chimed in, “No, weren’t you at the last two?” joins dotHIV in supporting HIV prevention, treatment, and awareness

The ICANN 47 meeting is being held in Durban, South Africa starting this weekend. Durban is one of the world’s epicenters of HIV infection, with over 40 percent of its adult population living with the HIV virus. dotHIV has focused on the ICANN meeting in Durban as a major fundraising opportunity, and is proud to join in.

dotHIV raised a $20,000 pre-meeting matching pool, and found donors to cover the first $10,000 in donations. Then dotHIV invited the ICANN community to cover the second $10,000, and has stepped to the plate with a $2,500 donation.

The donations and dotHIV’s matched contributions are going toward two awesome organizations:

  • The Blue Roof Wellness Centre: A state-of-the-art care center for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, located on the outskirts of Durban. Blue Roof is a project of Alicia Key’s “Keep a Child Alive” Foundation. KCA is a US-registered charity that supports innovative, community-led HIV-work with a focus on child well-being. As a small, agile organization, they have earned the highest rating from US-based Charity Navigator. 
  • WhizzKids United: Their ‘On the Ball’ curriculum successfully uses soccer as a fun and interactive way to teach 12 -16 year old boys and girls the skills needed to prevent HIV infection, by drawing on each facet of the game and interpreting it into a life skill. The award winning program runs in schools throughout the Durban area, with over 35,000 youth graduates over the last seven years.

For more information on dotHIV’s fundraising program for ICANN 47, click here.

About dotHIV

dotHIV is the applicant behind .HIV, one of the many new TLDs expected to be released in the near future. .HIV will be like a red ribbon for the digital age. Every time you click on a .HIV domain, you’ll be activating a micro-donation. These donations are financed through the sale of .HIV domains. For more information on dotHIV, click here.

Doors locked, keys stolen, hilarity ensues: a prank

At we’re pretty fond of office pranks, and a series of good ones unfolded on Wednesday.

Some background info systems engineer Chris Gaston has a husky named Lobo that he brings into the office on occasion. Lobo is sort of our live mascot. He’s an adventurous canine, and has made some attempts to escape through the public entrance on the west side of the building when Chris has to run to the data center. So now when Lobo is in the office, we occasionally lock that door and use the employee entrance on the east side of the building, which requires a key.

That was the case on Wednesday. Upon returning to the office from lunch, Ashley Forker (marketing manager) intentionally left her keys in the door so that Pat Ramsey (software engineer) could get in the building after swinging by an ATM.

Well, someone got to the door—and Ashley’s keys—before Pat did.

A brief tour of the kitchen


It’s Friday, and it’s the day after the 4th of July, and the office is pretty empty, so it seems like a good time to show off* one of the perks of working at the minions employees get access to a fully-stocked kitchen. Here are some of the highlights.

*You know, as opposed to doing real, actual, meaningful work.

How I Landed My First Job Out of College Because of a Sticker I got at StartupWeekend


The story of how I ended up at is pretty a unique one that all started because I attended StartupWeekend Denver in October 2012. sponsored the event and left a bunch of stickers lying around for people to take. I took a few stickers and one ended up on the back of my computer.

A few days after StartupWeekend was over, I met with my team in Downtown Denver from StartupWeekend to discuss if we’d continue our idea or not. After we met, I realized that I’d forgotten to finish my math homework due that evening, so I drove over to a new coffee shop that I’d discovered near where StartupWeekend was called Creme to get it done. As I sat at a small table in Creme chugging my cup of coffee and unleashing my math skills on a piece of paper, I noticed a guy sitting across from me taking my photo with his iPhone. When he saw that I saw him, he walked up to me and said he was taking a photo because he started and he was excited to see their sticker on my computer. This guy was Bill Mushkin and I’m one of the only new people around here that’s actually met him… I think everybody else thinks he’s a mythical creature like the Bearglecorn. After Bill came up to me, it made me want to learn more about I looked up and I saw how it was a great company with great values. This led me to cold e-mail seeing if I could do an internship for school credit. I chatted with a bit, but when I went away for winter break in December, we briefly lost contact. I e-mailed again in March and we set up a time for me to come in. I came in and chatted with Ashley a bit… she then decided to see if I could be paid to work here instead of doing a school internship. When she got the thumbs up for me to be an actual paid employee, I came in to chat with the whole marketing crew: Ashley, Jared, Caroline, Paul, and Sean. I guess everything went well because I’m here now and starting my sixth week at!

TLDR; Got a sticker at StartupWeekend, met the founder of at a coffee shop because the sticker was on my computer, and got my first job out of college at because of the sticker.

Congrats on five years at, Caroline and Paul!

This week, Vice President Paul Carter and Affiliate Program Manager Caroline Temple celebrated their respective fifth anniversaries as employees. I asked them for a few thoughts on their five years’ worth of experience.

What were you doing before you came to

Paul: I owned my own web and graphics company (in Albuquerque, N.M.), and did some consulting for ( for about six months.

Caroline: Wearing a business suit. I walked entire properties in the rain, snow, and sun in that suit, went to court in that suit, held company meetings in that suit, and welcomed people to their new home in that suit.  I was a Property Manager.

It was a great career and taught me everything I know about running a business.