How I Landed My First Job Out of College Because of a Sticker I got at StartupWeekend


The story of how I ended up at is pretty a unique one that all started because I attended StartupWeekend Denver in October 2012. sponsored the event and left a bunch of stickers lying around for people to take. I took a few stickers and one ended up on the back of my computer.

A few days after StartupWeekend was over, I met with my team in Downtown Denver from StartupWeekend to discuss if we’d continue our idea or not. After we met, I realized that I’d forgotten to finish my math homework due that evening, so I drove over to a new coffee shop that I’d discovered near where StartupWeekend was called Creme to get it done. As I sat at a small table in Creme chugging my cup of coffee and unleashing my math skills on a piece of paper, I noticed a guy sitting across from me taking my photo with his iPhone. When he saw that I saw him, he walked up to me and said he was taking a photo because he started and he was excited to see their sticker on my computer. This guy was Bill Mushkin and I’m one of the only new people around here that’s actually met him… I think everybody else thinks he’s a mythical creature like the Bearglecorn. After Bill came up to me, it made me want to learn more about I looked up and I saw how it was a great company with great values. This led me to cold e-mail seeing if I could do an internship for school credit. I chatted with a bit, but when I went away for winter break in December, we briefly lost contact. I e-mailed again in March and we set up a time for me to come in. I came in and chatted with Ashley a bit… she then decided to see if I could be paid to work here instead of doing a school internship. When she got the thumbs up for me to be an actual paid employee, I came in to chat with the whole marketing crew: Ashley, Jared, Caroline, Paul, and Sean. I guess everything went well because I’m here now and starting my sixth week at!

TLDR; Got a sticker at StartupWeekend, met the founder of at a coffee shop because the sticker was on my computer, and got my first job out of college at because of the sticker.

Congrats on five years at, Caroline and Paul!

This week, Vice President Paul Carter and Affiliate Program Manager Caroline Temple celebrated their respective fifth anniversaries as employees. I asked them for a few thoughts on their five years’ worth of experience.

What were you doing before you came to

Paul: I owned my own web and graphics company (in Albuquerque, N.M.), and did some consulting for ( for about six months.

Caroline: Wearing a business suit. I walked entire properties in the rain, snow, and sun in that suit, went to court in that suit, held company meetings in that suit, and welcomed people to their new home in that suit.  I was a Property Manager.

It was a great career and taught me everything I know about running a business.

Bearglecorn thinks he’s gonna be a big star, demands a .TV domain

How to purchase a .TV domain and use URL forwarding at

This is Part 3 in a series of posts about building a WordPress website using’s products and account management features. Previously, we purchased a domain name and created a RapidPress website.

Bearglecorn has expressed interest in creating video tutorials and webisodes. He doesn’t even have a video camera or a YouTube account, but what the client wants, the client gets. I’ll create a video section on his website, but to really give his video content a boost I’m going to set him up with a .TV domain name.

.TV domains are a great way to brand your video content, and with URL forwarding, I can purchase a .TV domain and have it redirect to the video section of will be a lot easier for people to remember than Best of all …

The startup culture scavenger hunt

We’ve poked fun at startup culture in recent weeks (like here, here, and here), but we’re not exactly wearing suits and ties and sitting in a maze of cubicles. may not be a true startup these days, but we’ve got some startup tendencies.

1. Interns

Startups love interns. They especially love unpaid interns. But we’ve only got one intern: Alex Kehr*, who brings us coffee and serves as a makeshift footrest for our marketing manager, Ashley Forker. This will look great on his résumé.


*Alex also handles our social media accounts. Office Tour has a pretty fun office. The walls are plastered with memes, there’s a kegerator, a ping pong table, comfortable couches, and a fully stocked kitchen. Somehow, all of the potential distractions seem to help keep everybody focus on their tasks because a fun work environment is conducive to producing great work. We thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into the office so you can see where your favorite domain company makes magic happen!

If you want to follow our office antics, you can follow us around the web:
Tumblr (Updated frequently with “Behind the Scenes” action at
Facebook (Primarily promo information and other random updates).
Twitter (Random thoughts from, contests, deals, and additional support).

I feel like I should have made you Sign My NDA to see the office!

Big things are in store for and Vooza

At, we’re big on collaboration. We welcome new ideas and encourage everyone to speak their mind. That’s not just the philosophy within the four walls of our office, or the philosophy we share with our customers. It extends to forming new business partnerships, too.


If you look closely you can see the edge of a ping-pong table. It’s there to let you know that we’re cool and hip, and that further exploration of our office might reveal a kegerator.

We recently sent community evangelist Jared Ewy to New York for a sit down with Vooza. We’re thinking and Vooza could do some great things together. Why Vooza?

  1. They’re the world’s most unbelievable tech startup, and understands startup culture. For instance, we have a ping-pong table in our office. Nothing says “startup culture” like a ping-pong table in your office.
  2. In layman’s terms, the people at Vooza are true rockstar ninjas when it comes to leveraging conversions and bootstrapping hackathons. Their burn rate is just phenomenal, and while we’re not sure what that means, it has to be good.
  3. Technically speaking, Vooza is really crushing it.

Now, nothing concrete came out of the first meeting. It was just a preliminary spitballing exposition aimed at attracting early adopters.

But if this little brainstorming session was any indication, there are big things in store … just as soon as we get all the legal stuff out of the way. Non-disclosure agreements are a necessary evil when you’ve got two companies that are just overflowing with disruptive innovation.

Anyway, you can watch the above video to see what came of our meeting. And in honor of our NDA-protected discussions with Vooza, has a new discount package that’s great for startups and small businesses. Just use the promo code “NDA” at checkout to receive the following discounts:

$11.00 for .CO domains
$8.99 for .COM domains

$8.99 for .NET domains
$4.99 for .BIZ domains
$39.99 for .VC domains (great for venture capitalists!)
25% off all shared web hosting plans
25% off RapidPress

The offer is valid through midnight MST on June 4. Start searching for your new domain here.

Breakfast at the Vooza office. Coffee: Crushed. Orange juice: Crushed. Bagels: Sliced in half, covered in cream cheese, and subsequently CRUSHED.

Breakfast at the Vooza office. Coffee: Crushed. Orange juice: Crushed. Bagels: Sliced in half, covered in cream cheese, and subsequently CRUSHED.

Selling sex isn’t as easy as it looks

We like to give our competition a hard time about selling sex and objectifying women. It’s kind of what they’re known for.

But sometimes we’re willing to climb off our high horse and succumb to the latest marketing trends. We’re willing to sell sex, too. Trouble is, we don’t have Danica Patrick or Bar Rafaeli on our side.

We just have this guy:

The community evangelist in his natural sexy habitat.

The community evangelist and aspiring sex symbol in his natural habitat.

That’s Jared Ewy, our community evangelist. He may not fit into YOUR definition of sexy, but at we believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In Jared’s words, “Sexy is so hot. It’s the flesh, the curves, round things. And nature. I think. Yeah, I think nature is sexy, but I’m not sure how you consummate that…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. We think Jared can make sexy work. Armed with little more than a ball gag and self confidence, Jared gave this “selling sex” thing the old college try at a recent Demand Media meeting. You know, to test the waters.

As you can see, the reaction was less than favorable. It went over about as well as Jared’s recent venture into hipster culture. Maybe you do need a traditionally attractive woman, millions of dollars worth of Super Bowl airtime, and a complete lack of taste if you want to sell sex effectively. We only had one of the three.

So I guess we’ll just have to go back to focusing on providing our customers with world-class customer support. If nothing else, it’ll save Jared from some awkward conversations with the TSA.