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Domains and Trends in one! In this episode…

It’s something that really should be a major part of this year’s elections: Why is it so awful to see a naked breast? Princess Kate Middleton shed her royal garb and a French tabloid posted the pics. Now the palace is ticked and all the world in a fury. Why? It’s the Puritans isn’t it? Those skin-covering sin police who dressed beautiful natives in Big Dog t-shirts. Dang it. It’s wrong. And then there’s the iPhone 5. People say they are disappointed, but analysts say there should still be about 6,000,000 pre-orders.

Finally, the Innocence of Muslims is a really bad video that no one should get excited about.

Rated PG, for reals.

A show about what’s trending across the internets and the domain names that love them.
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Denver Tweetup for Charity: and Wynkoop Brewing Company Bring it

Wednesday, September 19th is hosting a big-arse Tweetup. It’s hard for me to stress how awesome this is, but let me just say this: about every business, every person, with a glow about their Twitter presence has been waiting for SOMEBODY to do a Tweetup. Well, that’s Melissa “Shamrock” Dafni, who spearheaded this effort to raise money for the Mile High Down Syndrome Association.

The Wynkoop has graciously offered to host this high tech hoedown. Along with Ink! Coffee and other businesses, the Wynkoop will be coughing up donations for giveaways and a silent auction, and I’m probing the community for more stuff to press into your eager hands.
Speaking of, will be offering a special promo code for domains and hosting. But you gotta be there.
So that’s it. No trifling. Here...
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Celebrity Death Hoax, Chris Kluwe and All Things Cool and trenD!

Not going to lie to you. This one is long. But there’s so much to talk about. If you make it through the whole thing we’ll buy you a soda. First off we have people fake dying everywhere. It seems to be following successful black actors. Urkel has been put on fake death watch.

Even bigger news is that football is back. I know the world wonders why we watch American football instead of Most-everybody-in-the-world football, but there’s just something so spectacular about it. Anything can happen, and Kris Kluwe and Brandon Weedon–especially Brandon Weedon–prove that. Also, we mourn the passing of Denzel Washington.

Rated G for Giggles.

A show about what’s trending across the internets and the domains that love them.
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Gangnam Style Parodies, Eastwooding, DNC, Apple iphone 5 on trenD

And there’s Bill Clinton, who spoke for so long at the DNC that delegates were hoarding food and saying goodbye to their loved ones. The trend that won’t die because it’s so dang good is PSY’s “Gangman Style,” the techno-pop video sensation that has people everywhere riding imaginary horses. Aside from that, Eastwooding rolls into its second week, as no one at the DNC was able to top the rambling Dirty Harry actor’s impromptu conversation with a chair. Also, a video has been leaked of Apple’s iPhone 5. It’s bigger and looks to require new accessories. You may want to ask the chair for money.

Rated FB for Fleshy Bruises.

A show about what’s trending across the internets, and the domain names that love them.
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Fwd: Most exciting news ever: CX Domains coming to INTERNAL MEMO REVEALED

Hushed Golf Announcer Voice: Well another announcement has stirred the staff of It turns out they’ll be offering .CX domains, something that customers had been requesting. As you read yet another leaked memo (bottom up…not bottoms up, at least not yet), you’ll see that Ashley, who’s not a vampire, but still in marketing, sent out an email about the new .CX domain names. From there, hilarity ensues as Christmas Island crabs take over the email chain. 
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: The Swede <>
Date: Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: Most exciting news ever
To: VP of Awesome <>
Cc: Silver Tongued Devil <>, The Beard <>, Evel Knievel <>, Not a Vampire <>, “All Company” <>

Inline image 1


On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 8:54 AM, VP of Awesome <> wrote:

You know I’m wit...

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Fwd: Sweden is the best at using the Internet: INTERNAL MEMORANDA REVEALED

In a hushed golf announcer voice: Caroline, our domain concierge, sent out a news article about Sweden beating the world in their ability to use the Internet. This struck Owen, our VP of Awesome, in such a way that he was unable to come up with anything awesome. Taking the opportunity to tout his home country, Swede Henrik posted a Swedish meme of the incredible care offered to their disabled. By then the VP of Awesome was able to conjure a little piece of Americana. (read bottom up)
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: VP of Awesome
Date: Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: Sweden is the best at using the Internet
To: The Sweden
Cc: The Concierge, jDog, Not a Vampire

It’s better than the “meanwhile in America” image I found. Although; that chicken does look delicious.

Inline image 2

VP of Aweso...
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Carrie Reichert, Prince Harry, Andy Roddick, Taylor Swift, Devin Smith…This is trenD

I don’t show up to the office for one day out of 365 (is this a Leap Year?) and look what happens: Someone talented does my job.

Sean takes on trenD. He’s the guy who shoots and edits it anyway, so he’s been dying to do the things he can only try and direct me to do. For one, enunciate and, another, incorporate more pretty people. With Carrie Reichert, I think he’s succeeded. Carrie is one of the women who misplaced her clothes with Prince Harry. She reveals more about the royalty (if that’s possible) and inspires greatness in all of us. From there, Sean goes to higher ground (the only place you can go from drunken nudity in Las Vegas) and launches into Roddick’s retirement, Taylor Swift’s new single and what LeBron James is calling the “catch of the year.”

Rated B for Bikini

A show...

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Eastwooding, American Idol, Mitt Romney, Honey Boo Boo on trenD

Props to Clint Eastwood for being the most entertaining part of a three-day multimedia extravaganza. He ambled out on the RNC stage and tore up the crowd with his Bob Newhart-like skit of talking to an invisible Obama. However, in doing that, he unwittingly created a new trend. There was planking, Tebowing and now Eastwooding, which is venting your frustrations on an empty chair. Luckily for us–and very exciting indeed–President Obama shows up in this episode of trenD. He relaxes in his chair and watches the trends go down…like Honey Boo Boo beating Mitt Romney in the ratings, Randy Jackson leaving American Idol, and just some of the domain names that relate to the hottest news.

Rated DB for a minor insult to those Bluetooth users who just don’t get that it’s not as cool as they think.


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Fwd: Deployment

Hushed but excited golf commentator: It all began when Salvadore in Dev announced a new “sexier look and feel” to the navigation menu in a user’s account (oh, and he honored P-mo on his birthday). What happened next was expected, a pat on the back from our VP of Awesomeness, but then we were all taken aback by Henrik’s kitty meme. He is Sweden’s gift to America!
To get the most out of this, read from the bottom up. Thank you.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: The Swede
Date: Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: Deployment
To: VP of Awesome <>
Cc: The Stache, “All Company”

Inline image 1

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 9:37 AM, VP of Awesome wrote:


Keep up the good work and you could earn yourself a Certificate of Awesomeness like Sherri did.

VP of Awesome

Senior Software Engineer
VP o...
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Snooki, Perez Hilton, Madden 13, GuildWars 2, RNC, Hurricane Isaac, Apple, Samsung on trenD

Well Snooki’s vodka broke and she bore unto the world a new baby boy. You can’t be but happy for her and the new family, especially overcoming the odds of being, well, Snooki. But is her story big enough to top Perez Hilton’s Twitter gaffe?

It’s a “versus” episode of trenD that pits Madden against Dragons, Republicans versus nature and Apple against Samsung. YOU make the call with all the latest trends married to domain names in your favorite web show: trenD

A show about what’s trending across the internets.

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Republicans storm chasing?

It’s all about Jersey babies.

Celebrate Apple or sympathize with Samsung.

Show your ...

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