The Beer Friday Wet T-Shirt Contest Part II

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Beer Friday Wet T Shirt Contest Part 1

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What's on Tap for Beer Friday?

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Clearing up the Cloud at HostingCon 2011

HostingCon 2011 Day 2: The Cloud from on Vimeo.

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San Diego HostingCon 2011: Schwagtastic

The hard part is going to a booth and trying to act like you’re interested in more than a pen and a water bottle.

San Diego HostingCon 2011: Schwagtastic from on Vimeo.

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Why We Like Working at Name

Even the lateral mobility is good.

Reason to be at Name #231483 from on Vimeo.

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Help our video get more views than the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial!!

Geeze, we’re up to our ears in buzz over the GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial. So they’re going to ’91unveil’ a new .CO girl, it might even be a blonde this time, ooooh, big deal! We will admit though, the hype did get us talking, but we quickly came to the conclusion that long gone are the days where a $3million dollar investment on a Super Bowl ad is worth it. We’ve got tens of thousands of potential views via the World Wide Web, so why not try that route? So in under 48 hours we pulled off our own Super Bowl commercial, at a fraction of the price. What does this mean for you? Well, we’re not going to try to sell you on sex appeal, instead we thought we’d simply lower our price. So check it out; register your .CO domain for just $7.77...

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Meet the Pets of!

Pets of from on Vimeo.

We’re a company of animal lovers here at Name, so we thought we would share our furry, feathery, and scaly companions with you. Be careful though, this video is rated ‘E’ for extreme cuteness!

Have any videos of your pets? Post your links in the comments and whoever posts the cutest video will get a free .COM!*

*Standard .COM registrations only

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See what's happening behind the scenes at!

Hi everyone! After being on board with for just three weeks, I can honestly say that I work with an awesome group of people. The energy, creativity, and enthusiasm that I see from our team on a daily basis is inspiring. That being said, I can’t help but share a little bit of the awesomeness with you.

Now you can keep up with the shenanigans going on behind the scenes here at by following some of our company accounts:

And there will probably even be a few more to come (yes, we love social media!).

If silliness, beer, and ping pong aren’t...

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