New to the Team: Ashley Forker

Hey everyone! We’d like you to meet Ashley, our new Marketing Coordinator here at Ashley is an east coaster who went to school in Boulder, CO, then returned to the east coast after some time in Chicago. There she realized that she missed the awesomeness of Colorado and she returned to join in the awesomeness of

She’s already been initiated to the team with an appearance on Beer Fridays, a costume contest, and other shenanigans — with her willingness to goof around in front of a camera, she fits right in here. In addition to beer, Ashley enjoys rockin’ out to live music and skiing.

Please join us in welcoming Ashley to the team! \m/

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New to the Team: Ryan Clarey

Meet Ryan

Community, Meet Ryan.

Ryan is the latest addition to our rockin’ support team and from day one he has hit the ground running. The term awesome gets thrown around a lot, but we have to say that Ryan is, in fact, awesome. He’s been a great addition to the company and often brightens our day with his awesomeness and sense of humor.

He wasn’t really comfortable divulging any secrets from his past (probably for the best), but he can say that he’s American, he went to college, and he enjoys steak. He also enjoys beer, which means he fits right in.

Join us in welcoming Ryan to the team with a big “Cheers!”

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New to the Team: Robert Church

Everyone, meet Robert. Robert joined us earlier in the summer as one of our systems administrators and he’s probably best known as the guy who stays up all night cranking when there are things like outages. A transplant from Fort Worth, TX to Colorado, Robert came to with many years in the hosting industry under his belt.

Prior to working in hosting, he was a yakuza assassin that specialized in knives. Even though he was quite good at his job, he felt the lack of benefits and worker’s comp were too much of a liability. He decided to leave the yakuza lifestyle for a more rewarding career in systems administration. However, that doesn’t mean he’s any less sharp at his job! Ba dum bum.

Bad puns aside, Robert has been a fantastic addition to the team...

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The Little Registrar That Could

For a while now we’ve touted that we have “almost” a million domains under management. That alone has been a big achievement for us — this little registrar tucked away in the Rocky Mountains. Well, now we are extremely excited to announce that we proudly have OVER one million domains under management!

It’s taken a lot of hard work to get to where we are, but really we wouldn’t be anywhere without our customers. You guys are why we do what we do, and for that we thank you. :)

Feel free to join us in a big “WAHOO!” as we celebrate this huge milestone. Cheers, and here’s to the next million!

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Our Bad Luck Continues!

Hi folks!

We thought we were in the clear after last week’s hardware difficulties, but it seems we’re just not that lucky. Today we are experiencing a completely unrelated hardware issue and no customer sites are affected, only the website.

Our Systems team has been communicating directly with IBM about our issues and they are recommending we upgrade certain parts of our hardware. We are in the middle of this process now and during this time the website will not be available. We believe that once our upgrades are complete it should prevent any hardware issues like this going forward.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we thank you dearly for your patience during this time.

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New to the Team: Pat Ramsey

Okay, okay, those of you that watch Beer Fridays will know that Pat isn’t super new. He actually joined our Dev team earlier in the summer as a software developer, and right away he found himself at home reviewing beers with us in front of a camera. My kind of programmer. :)

Pat is a recent graduate of Colorado College down in Colorado Springs, where he majored in Computer Science. When he’s not computing or making beeps and boops (often times with his mouth), he is your typical Coloradoan that enjoys skiing, biking, and chillin’. He also enjoys scuba diving, but I will refrain from making a sarcastic comment about Colorado and its abundance of oceans. Whoops.

We’re very excited to have Pat on board...

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Update on Recent Outages

This week we ended up having quite the series of bad luck.

Things started off when the website went down twice due to a hardware failure. In both instances no customer sites were affected, only Our Systems team worked swiftly to restore accessibility and both times they had back online in under 30 minutes. An accomplishment we have to say we’re pretty proud of.

Then, just when we thought we were in the clear, we experienced a separate hardware issue when a RAID controller failed on one of our shared hosting servers. This happened on Tuesday, September 21, at 12:15pm MDT (GMT-6). Unfortunately since this was a shared server, some customers experienced downtime.

Our Systems team worked through the night trying to restore the service...

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New to the Team: Art Enke

Meet Art!

Hey everyone! We’d like you to meet the latest addition to the team, Art Enke. Art is going to be our Business Development Manager and he brings a lot of experience along with him.

We snagged Art away from Intuit (sorry guys) where he spent three years wearing many hats (tech support, sales, SEO, design services) after they acquired Prior to working at Intuit, he built up and sold a successful eBay business that he managed for several years.

A true Coloradoan, Art graduated from Colorado State University and loves mountain biking, camping, and water skiing in addition to SEO and web design. Sorry ladies, he’s married and has three wonderful kids. 😉

We’re very excited to have Art on board and we hope you’ll join us in giving him a warm welcome!

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New Office from on Vimeo.

We’re very excited to show you guys a sneak peek at our new office space! Our current office has served us well for the past few years, but we’re happy to say that we’ve outgrown this space and it’s time to move to an office that can handle this and future growth. There’s a lot of demolition that needs to be done at the new place, so we won’t be moving until closer to the end of the year.

Here’s a look at our current office:

Old Office

Old Office

Old Office

Old Office

And here’s what our new office looks like (pre-demolition):

New Office

New Office

New Office

New Office

This new space is a lot bigger and actually used to be a gym; almost everything in the middle including closets, showers, hot tub (sniffles), etc. will be torn down so you’ll be able to see clearly from one end to the other...

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Helping You Search Better and Faster!

Recently we’ve made some changes to our search page that help you search for better domain names faster. Most of the changes are subtle, so you may not even notice them. Of course, that is until we explain them all in 3, 2, 1…

Updated UI

We’ve added better paging and tabs to the search page for better navigation through your search results. In addition, you will now see suggested, premium, expiring, and internationalized domain names (IDN’s) next to your search results.

You will also see backorder options for domains that are currently not available. So if the .NET accompaniment to your .COM is taken, you can place a backorder for it now in case it ever does become available...

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