Our August 2016 promo code is a fridge staple and basic human right

The office is an overall happy place, but a recent lunch time discovery has cast a dark shadow over our employees. How we’ve gone so long without noticing such a grievous absence is difficult to imagine—perhaps we were in denial that an item so integral to happiness is out of reach. Here’s the terrible truth: we do not have ranch dressing in our office kitchen.

An easier sign up process leads to more sign ups, who knew?

You know how you occasionally go to a website and they get as clingy as a bad Tinder match who won’t stop texting you after you’ve given them your number?  Yeah, we hate that too.

But here at we think getting all up in your business before we’ve even gotten to know each other is way worse, which is why we made it easier than ever to create a new account.  With no phone numbers or addresses required, all we ask is for your email, a username, a password, and voila—you’re now a certified all-natural organic grass-fed user.