Helping You Search Better and Faster!

Recently we’ve made some changes to our search page that help you search for better domain names faster. Most of the changes are subtle, so you may not even notice them. Of course, that is until we explain them all in 3, 2, 1…

Updated UI

We’ve added better paging and tabs to the search page for better navigation through your search results. In addition, you will now see suggested, premium, expiring, and internationalized domain names (IDN’s) next to your search results.

You will also see backorder options for domains that are currently not available. So if the .NET accompaniment to your .COM is taken, you can place a backorder for it now in case it ever does become available...

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Security is Serious Business

Anyone that has had one of their accounts (bank, online, or otherwise) compromised knows it can be a total nightmare to try and resolve. It’s not just an annoyance, it can leave you feeling violated and vulnerable. This can especially be the case if somehow this happens to your domain account(s). Now whether you’re a domainer or a small business, your domains can be your livelihood, and it’s important to secure your domains as best you can to ensure no one else can get their grubby little hands on them. Enter and a nifty little service we have deemed NameSafe.

The NameSafe VIP service is part of the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) credential system and it adds two-factor authentication to your account...

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Heads Up: Scammer Pretending to Be Over Instant Messaging

We just received notice from a customer that someone pretending to be support contacted them over instant messaging from The person asked for credit card information and was actually quite rude when our customer said no. Our legal team has been notified and is on the case. We hope to have this individual shut down as soon as possible.

At this time we do not offer online chat support at (although we talk about it a lot, and that may change in the future). will also never ask for payment details to be sent via email or instant messaging.We always request the customer log in to their account and update this information themselves to help maintain security.

If you receive any messages from or anyone else pretending t...

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How To Make A Blog Disappear For A Day

We don’t have a lot of outages here at, but when we do and especially if it’s a long one, we like to let our customers know what happened and what we’ve done to resolve the issue so it won’t happen again. Below we’ve outlined when and why our blog server and Rapid Blog server experienced downtime over the past twenty-four hours.

Yesterday the server that hosts our blog as well as a number of our Rapid Blog customers went down due to hardware failure. The issue began around 4:00PM MST (GMT-7). We received word from our data center that the hardware RAID on the server was having problems or had failed. We requested the RAID controller be fixed and/or replaced as soon as possible; shortly thereafter the server was taken down for repair...

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Investor Club

The family is a diverse bunch. Our customers range from individuals with a single domain for their blog to small businesses that own ten or twenty domains to help drive traffic to their site to investors that own thousands of domains. Some investors develop their domains into websites promoting products or services they sell while others use domain parking to generate revenue from their domains. The number of domains and the extensions these investors register are wide spread.

We’ve come up with a program that we think can help each of these groups save a little extra money on their investments each year and make it easier to get the best price available for the domains you care about.’s Domain Investor Club works in the following way:

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Since we love small business at, we try to do whatever we can to help our small business customers get more recognition for their hard work and success. We are going to sponsor 5 interviews each month on MO.COM featuring customers who are either founders or CEO’s of their companies.

Heard of MO.COM? It’s a site dedicated to interviews with entrepreneurs from all industries around the world. The interviews focus on their habits and the goal is to learn about their methods and share these strategies with their readers. As a reader it’s a great way to explore different business philosophies and as an entrepreneur, it’s a great way to get exposure for both yourself and your business...

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Name Tip: Better SEO with WordPress Permalinks

We’ve seen quite a few blogs recently that are running WordPress and using the default setting for permalinks. It’s unfortunate that this is the default, because it really does nothing for you in the way of SEO. However, there’s a quick fix for this that should help your blog posts get a little more notice.

If you log in to your WordPress blog and scroll down, you will see a “Settings” section on the left hand side. Clicking the arrow will drop down a menu and one of the options will be “Permalinks.” Clicking that will take you to the Permalinks page where you will see the different options you can choose.

The default looks something like and that doesn’t really tell readers or search engines anything about your post.

This can be easily changed on the Permalink...

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Private Whois Changes

Hi folks. always strives to offer the lowest price on all our products and up until today we’ve been able to offer Private Whois for free for a long time. These types of posts are never fun, and no one enjoys raising prices, but sometimes it becomes necessary so we can continue to offer these great services.

While some registrars charge as much as eight or nine dollars per domain for this service, our new promotional price, starting today, is only $1.99 per domain annually. This means we are still offering some of the best pricing for this service anywhere. We realize that changes like this can impact our customer’s plans and budgets, so we’ve taken some proactive steps that we feel will help to curb the impact of this new change. Those actions are:

  • All domains that currently hav...
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Domain Nabber Grows Up and Leaves Beta

As of this morning, our Domain Nabber backorder service is officially out of beta! We’ve been working hard on our nabber for the past few months and we’re excited to say that it is now ready for prime time. Huge thanks to all of the customers that provided feedback during the beta period — you helped us make the service even better!

Nabbing .COM and .NET domains now costs $49.95 and, as always, there is no risk in placing a backorder. If we don’t nab the name for you we’ll give you a full refund or account credit, your choice!

Speaking of choices, we’ve recently added .INFO into the mix, making it a total of seven extensions that you can backorder through Domain Nabber...

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Save Money on Your Custom Posterous Domain With!

Here at we’re big fans of services like Posterous and Tumblr. They make blogging dead simple and help make people’s jump into the blogging world a much less intimidating one. Now Posterous has just announced a custom domain service that allows you to register a domain directly through their site, making it easy to customize your blog. The catch — you’re limited to COM/NET/ORG and these registrations cost you $24.99 for one year and $19.99 for two. Ouch.

If you were to do the very same thing through, it would be a fraction of the cost in exchange for a couple more clicks. You also have the option to use quite a few more extensions if you go this route, since the name you want might not necessarily be available in COM/NET/ORG...

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