.NEWS: Creating a new era of content

.news: creating a new era of content

The internet has brought about a new era of technology, creating dramatic changes in the way we share and receive information. Now, anyone with a smartphone can become a blogger or journalist, sharing information with people around the world. But with all the noise this larger community creates, bloggers and traditional news sources are fighting an uphill battle to be heard.

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Tabs for everyone: We fixed an annoying bug on


(No, not those tabs, these tabs)

For the past couple of years there’s been a persistent bug on It wasn’t a big bad bug that caused the website to break or put any users at risk. It was more of a small annoying UI bug that certainly caused frowny faces, sad pandas, and feelings of frustration for our users.

Read More will begin collecting Value Added Tax on Sept. 1, 2015 is making an important update to its tax collection policy. On Sept. 1, 2015, we’ll begin charging Value Added Tax (VAT), which is a required tax on business-to-customer transactions in the European Union.

If you’re a business in the European Union you can get an exemption from this tax by submitting your VAT ID from within your account. It’s recommended that you submit your ID as soon as possible, because VAT will result in an approximate 20 percent increase in charges, and is collected for both manual and automatic transactions (like recurring billing). However, VAT is refundable if you submit your ID after Sept. 1.

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Google Apps for Work users can now request Google Inbox invites


Google Inbox is a new email product for Gmail that completely changes the whole email experience on both mobile and web. It’s currently an invite-only service, but Google just made it easier to get an invite. If you have a Google Apps for Work account, you can now request an invite for your entire company.

Google is intentionally rolling out the service quickly, with a focus on early adopters and now company admins. The Google Apps for Work account admin will need to send an invite request to, and then they’re on their way to being an Inbox tester. Google has said that invites will start being sent on in March.

Google has said that the goal of Inbox is to totally rethink how people get things done online...

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It’s not just you, the whole Internet is having hiccups right now


If you’ve been finding your Internet speed slow over the last few days, it’s not just you. The Internet is having some hiccups according to many Internet service providers (ISPs). These technical problems being reported on by ISPs are causing people in the United States and some parts of Canada to have pages load extremely slow or not at all.

eBay was one of the largest websites affected by this problem The auction site was unavailable for hours in various parts of the world. They described the issue as being a “technical issue upstream,” which is just a complex way of saying the downtime wasn’t their fault.

These outages are causing domain and web hosting services to have a handful of outages that are beyond their control...

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Google is making SSL Certificates a bigger priority in search rankings


Google has just published an interesting blog post about SEO best practices on its Webmaster Central Blog, and one interesting detail is that Google is going to start ranking sites with SSL Certificates higher. Google is making this move because it believes in making the internet a more secure place, and a more secure web starts with more secure website connections.

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We Just Made Internet History!


We all just made Internet history. Seriously … every Internet user was part of something monumentally awesome today, even if they’re not aware of the massive change that’s happening: New Domains like .GURU and .BIKE are officially available for immediate registration and ready to be used!

Read More to be part of Rightside, a new domain services company

So as many of you know, was acquired this past January by Demand Media. Not too much has changed in our day-to-day operations since being acquired, except that we have been part of a much larger team and organization. Demand Media owns content sites such as and Society6, as well as Domain Services companies like eNomNameJet, and of course

With the introduction of New TLDs, the Internet is undergoing the largest change since its inception—with that, our company is changing too. Earlier this year, Demand Media announced it was contemplating spinning off the Domain Services side of the business into a separate publicly traded company. Today, it announced the name and the executives for that proposed company.

And with that, Rightside is born.

Rightside? A n...

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Colorado Flood Resources


Our home state was hit pretty hard with rain and the resulting flooding last week. We don’t like seeing our gorgeous state underwater, and we especially don’t like seeing our friends and family members in a state of distress. For people who are going through a rough time now, it can be intimidating looking for solutions. At we thought we’d lend a hand by providing a list of flood relief-related links.

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New TLD registry agreements are being signed: A look at the newest ICANN timeline

The New Dots: Keeping you up to speed on new TLDs

During the Durban summit this month, four companies signed registry agreements with ICANN, moving forward to pre-delegation testing and launch for their respective new TLDs. What is a registry agreement, and what does this landmark mean for new TLDs and the expected timeline? Glad you asked! Here’s a quick run-down of the registry agreements: who signed, what they are, what they signify, what it means for the ICANN timeline, and some FAQs.

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