Elections, domain names, and you. Yes, you.

In 2012 when Obama was reelected, two of my Republican friends set out to start a website. They wanted to build something big and shiny and fancy that would percolate and disseminate big ideas to dispirited friends of the GOP. But they never finished it. Their plans were so big and so awesome and soon their busy lives swept them away to other things.

So now here we are on the other side of another election. For some it’s an election that may find you wanting to speak louder than being curled into the fetal position will allow you.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Announcement: Domains via drones and the future of

As a registrar and part of the tech community, we take pride in being innovators. We like to think that we are creative thinkers who embrace the new and come up with ideas for making our service better, faster, and more reliable. We’re very excited to announce a giant step in innovation for the entire domain name industry. We’re proud to unveil a change that could alter the domain industry as we know it.