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Social Media Success Story: Conversation with a Doubter

I’ve been trying to write a “tips & tools” series on using social media, mostly Facebook and Twitter, but I’ve found that new media defies the classic “Lesson Plan.” The successes and failures I see are fluid. They can repeat themselves, but not in the same black and white fashion that, say, 2 + 2 always makes 4. Besides, who doesn’t love a good story. Today, I bring you one that highlights the greatest glory of social media: we’re no longer proactive or reactive, WE’RE INTERACTIVE.

So last week I’m monitoring Tweets when I see this: is questioned

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, Fionn, whose Twitter handle is @_DrunkFox_ , is telling @MikeKaSoft that another domain registrar has better customer service than

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Facebook Investors: Suckerbergs?

People are going bonkers for Facebook’s IPO (Initial Public Offering). It’ll rock the stock market on Friday. But does anyone remember when Yahoo! was valued at one hundred billion dollars? Well they were and, well, Yahoo! has become the VCR of search engines. People are starting to drop the exclamation point. But…BUT…Yahoo! still has nearly as much ad revenue as Facebook.

So how can Facebook keep both their investors and their users happy?

facebook ipo poll

We conducted our own Facebook poll.

Facebook makes most of its money selling ads. Do they have enough space to sell enough ads to make enough money to raise the roof every year? What kind of “tweaks” are they going to have to do to their privacy policy to make ends meet?

I’m a little concerned that they’re going to have to resort to crazy/sneaky activit...

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Social Media Tip #1: Don’t Think About It

Welcome to a new series about how to be more than mildly successful in social media. Today’s lesson: Stop Thinking. The more you think about a Tweet or a Facebook post, the more it becomes convoluted and uninteresting. The good news is that most of us are already naturals at speaking without thinking. The bad news is that with social media we have a tendency to check how many “followers” or “friends” a user has and then change our answer accordingly. Don’t do that.

Please come as you are to Twitter and Facebook

Act Naturally.

Back to the good news: You can access your natural ability to communicate by verbally replying to the Tweet or post, and then tap what you just said into the computer. Now if your verbal reaction is, “What an asshat!” then you may want to turn on your brain for a little editing, but keep it honest...

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Hashtags In Real Life

Something weird happened the other day, someone ended their sentence by saying, “hashtag…”. Well, I don’t remember what the hashtag was anymore but I thought it was pretty funny. Then I thought it was kind of interesting. Then it occurred to me, we should probably use hashtags in our everyday conversations to add a bit of context to what we are saying. Same goes for text messages. Imagine the following text message scenario:

“I just ran into a parked car :(”

“Man, ur such an idiot!”

“Ugh. Why do u have to be such a d!(k about everything?!?!”

Your relationship without hashtags.

Now, the “Man, ur such an idiot!” in this case was a quick off the cuff quip meant in jest, but since text messages more often than not have no context, they are quite frequently misconstrued...

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Nothing Like a Retweet: A Love Rap

It all began with a little refrain that I couldn’t get out of my head…”Nothin’ Like a Retweet.” With the help of the lyrical stylings of one Mr. Owen Borseth, this video blossomed. Well, to say “blossomed” insinuates some kind of smooth and natural process, when in fact it was like building a Slinky out of firewood. But, please, don’t be cruel. It’s easy to attack the rhythmless. We can’t move. So there was a lot of recording and re-recording, syncing and re-syncing, and trust me, I don’t think any of us will ever again doubt the talent of Lil’ Wayne.

But it’s here, and we’re happy, because now we’ve finally found a way to express the joy of your Retweets. AND there’s this little thing about Retweeting and winning an iPad 3.
Watch…and share (if only there were an easy way to do that…)


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Congratulations on the winners of our .BIZ giveaway!

Let’s hear it for our 5 lucky .BIZ giveaway winners:

Chandra with
Manuel with
Nadir with
Farrukh Saleem
Amir Vahed

We selected 5 winners at random from all the entrants to our Facebook, ‘Small .BIZ-ness Giveaway’ contest and awarded them a year’s subscription to PageZen Unlimited and SEO Tutor. For those of you who don’t know, PageZen is an easy drag & drop website builder you can use to make a simple website quickly. SEO Tutor is our search engine optimization tool that suggests back links and target keywords etc. custom to your industry and website to improve your site’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Manuel, who has already gotten started with SEO Tutor said this about the platform:

“I ...

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Everyone has seen those things before, right? In this glorious How To blog post we are going to show you how to implement those two buttons on your website using the JS libraries that both companies provide for free. We will start with Facebook since it is arguably the easier of the two, and then move onto Twitter.

Facebook Social Plugin: The Login Button

Facebook offers a host of what they call social plugins. The one we are interested in is the Login Button. Here are the basic steps involved in getting the button onto your webpage:

  1. You need a Facebook app for your site. Go to and click on the “Create New App” button.
  2. Your “App Display Name” can be something meaningful. I usually go with the domain name for the site...
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