Using Engagement Tactics to Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website | Part 3 of 5 in a “get traffic” series

Free Traffic to your site with these Engaging Tips

Engagement.  It’s just a little buzzword for describing how you interact with your online audience, both online and even offline.  It’s also measurable with the ultimate goal of bringing traffic back to you.  It’s funny how the Internet has taken a normal human ability for socialization and has us quantifying our interactions with others, then measuring the outcome of those interactions all in hopes that we can maximize our impact with future interactions.  But that is a philosophical debate for another time. Simply, engagement is no different from brick and mortar stores where they talk to their customers, call up their mentors, visit surrounding businesses, and participate in various business associations...

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Using Social Media to Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website | Part 2 of 5 in a “get traffic” series

Free Traffic to your site with Social Media

Recently, we outlined 20 FREE ways to drive traffic to your site.  The methods were broken down by category, but I realized there is so much more information to these tips than just listing them out.  First up, are the Social Media methods.  By consistently employing each of the methods below, I promise you will see more traffic to your site.  Let’s get started….

1. Twitter

Just in case you need to be reminded of the obvious – Twitter is a great place to engage an audience and promote your brand.  Use this strategy as you begin:

  • First you need to get a following to have someone to promote your blog/website to. Shoot for 5-7 daily tweets...
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FREE Ways to get Traffic to your Blog or Website this week | Part 1 of 5 in a “get traffic” series

Free Traffic to your Site – 20 tips to try today!

Are you an affiliate marketer?  Then you know how important it is to get traffic to your site.  More traffic means the better chance of people viewing and clicking your affiliate advertisements.  Own a business website?  Then you know that the more traffic the better chance of making money you’ll have.  Beginning a blog?   Then you should know how important it will be to develop a large loyal audience.  One that once you begin to monetize your blog your readers will hopefully trust your opinion on the products – making you Affiliate dollars.

There are many other important facets to keep in mind with your traffic, but this post is specifically about getting eyeballs to your affiliate blog or website...

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6 steps to success with your Affiliate Links

First time Affiliate?  Follow these 6 steps to success…

You got your Affiliate links and now what?  I’m assuming up to this point this may be your first time promoting an Affiliate Program and you understand basic HTML for installing your links.  Use the guide below to help you start making moolah with your new links. Or, if you’re considering Affiliate Marketing as a source for monetizing your blog the below steps let ya know what you’re getting into.  Buckle your seat belts!  (believe it or not, the ride can be more fun than you think!)

1. Decide where your links should direct.

The homepage is simple but for more targeted content and banners, you should ask your program manager to link to specific product pages or search results relevant to your site...

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How To Identify Your Ideal Customer


James Debono, 5 Small Business Marketing Tips to Sky Rocket Your Business, January 4, 2012 via Flickr, Creative Commons License

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is to waste time on challenging customers. You know the ones – they don’t see your value; they’re difficult to work with, and they only buy once, never to be seen again. You may be thinking, “My business is so new that any customer is a good customer!”

Not true. While you’re dealing with the wrong customers, you’re missing opportunities to court the right ones. Ideal customers will see your brand as a perfect fit for their needs, remain loyal (and profitable) to you and tell others how great you are...

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Anatomy of a Weekly Email Newsletter

What makes a great Email Newsletter?

If you’re in Affiliate Marketing and operate a blog, chances are you have a weekly newsletter.  I’m a sucker for signing up for that newsletter as it’s just easier to be reminded of my favorite blogs and what they’re dishing out in my inbox.  Maybe I’m too much of a sucker, as I had to do some cleaning up of my inbox this week.  It’s interesting that the newsletters that made the cut all had similar characteristics.  If you’re thinking of revamping your current newsletter, or looking to begin the weekly delivery of your goodies-  then give these tips a look-see.  The anatomy of your newsletter is listed below…

It begins with the subject line

Make it compelling to your audience...

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Google Authorship: Why It’s Important And How To Use It


No name given, google-authorship, June 13, 2012 via Flickr, Creative Commons License

Google’s new Authorship system represents a big change in how content on the web is presented to users: authority will now be derived from the author’s identity instead of just the website’s statistics. The goal of Authorship is to make writers more accountable for their content by associating their articles to their Google+ profiles, placing the emphasis on who wrote the content rather than where the content is posted.

Pages that have been claimed this way are likely to be seen as more credible in the eyes of Google, and thus are likely to perform better in the rankings...

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Tagging As An Art Form


No name given, Tagged, February 27, 2011 via Flickr, Creative Commons License

Title tags, Alt tags, H1, H2, and meta descriptions. Have you had it with all of the terminology attached to SEO? Don’t worry about all of the technical junk, it’s all just smoke and mirrors anyway. The truth about SEO is that it works just like traditional stage magic and sleight of hand. Let’s start out with some simple definitions then work our way to what you all want to know – how to write tags that will get you a big ole gulp of Google juice. This art form involves taking a targeted keyword and sprinkling it throughout your tags without it seeming deliberate – and yes, it can be tricky, which is why most people who try it fail...

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Seven Copywriting Mistakes Businesses Can’t Afford To Make


Ahmed Bin-Baz, Copywriting, February 4, 2010 via Flickr, Creative Commons License

It is often assumed that writing business collateral takes very little actual talent. You just tell a little about the company, what they can do, and send the pages out to be discovered by the masses, right? Sort of. But there is a right and wrong way to write copy, and it seems as though a disproportionate number of businesses are doing it the wrong way. In fact, even advertising agencies are guilty of churning out stale, uninspired, or just plain bad copywriting.

One problem is that the differences between effective copy and ineffective copy can be subtle...

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You need not pay heed to this skeevy little thing

You may have gotten (or will get) one of these in the mail. It’s a company offering to renew your domain names. That’s a nice thing to do, IF IT WEREN’T THREE TIMES THE NORMAL PRICE OF A RENEWAL. Sorry for shouting, but the audacity of this gouge-by-mail outfit is pretty awesome. I’m almost jealous. It would be neat to fly through life not caring about others. It would be fantastic not reparking my car five times so the Skylark next to me has room to load her groceries. It would be even better making money by licking some envelopes and preying on the weakness of others. I bet they don’t even lick their envelopes. I bet they use one of those little sponges. Weak.

A conscience can be a burden, but now you can reward yours by warning others that this little mailer is probably not in the best ...

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