Tools Daily Tut: Forwarding your Domain to Sell Your Home

Domain (aka URL or web address) forwarding has got to be the easiest and least expensive way (it comes free with your domain) to market your home. Yesterday we forwarded a domain to someone’s LinkedIn profile to help them get a job. Today we’ll assist home sellers and real estate agents with the same idea. With, once you buy a domain, one of the many tools available to you is being able to forward it to the website of your choosing.

Remember, if you don’t find the .COM you want, see if you can get the .INFO, .NET, .CO or even .BIZ.

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Now this is pretty basic stuff, especially to you Domainers who have more web addresses than socks, but it’s an important reason why everyone should have at least one domain: using it to forward to your online resume. Instead of “Please, please go to and consider me for the postion,” you can say, “I’m glad you hired me after seeing”

And thanks Chris for letting us use you and your info!

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How to Transfer your Domains from GoDaddy to

Maybe, just maybe, you’re creeped out by Jean-Claude Van Damme. And maybe you’re not so quick to forgive gross Super Bowl commercials and elephant deaths. Maybe you want to transfer your domain to If that’s the case, here’s a step-by-step guide.

*Transferring a domain is pretty simple, but there’s a lot of back-and-forth between your GoDaddy account, your account, and your email account. It’s a lot easier to explain in a video than in a screenshot tutorial, so you might want to watch our video tutorial first.

**Read this post for information on how to transfer your domain without disrupting your website or email service.

1. Unlock the domain in your GoDaddy account

  • Log in to GoDaddy, navigate to the domains menu, and then click “launch” for the domain you intend to tran...
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It really is that easy, and the one-page PageZen is free. FREE. Get online presence for your ideas, your business and your brand, and getting there is easy. EASY.

I’d like to have one more thing to put into all caps but I think that’s good.


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We continue our daily quest to make learning fun and/or interesting. Today, our Domain Concierge Caroline shows us how to protect our privacy with the simple addition of Who.Is.

Who.Is will protect your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and it gives you insight into the domains you want.

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It used to be difficult to pick which person at was the biggest Apple Fanboy/girl. Then along came Michael and, it’s clear, none of us can compete. He has every gadget and he knows everything about every gadget. That’s a big step, going from wannabe Fanboy/girl to the real deal Fanboy/girl, as many people use only about five percent of their Apple product’s potential. Michael uses it until he’s in sync, as if he embodies its technology. It’s weird, especially when he needs something and uses your face as a touchscreen. But we get many uses from Michael (I’ve heard his computer say his name like that car in Knight Rider) including incredible web design and these useful Apple tutorials.

As you can see it works!

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Ryan of Customer Support rarely leaves his desk. So for him to come by and share his Name kNowledge is a quite a treat. I might be overstating that, but if you lose your password and need assistance at 2am on a Sunday, then you cannot overstate enough his help in this video tutorial.

Thanks Ryan. Because of you and the properties of Karma, one day the Buffalo Bills WILL win a Superbowl.

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We’re doing a tutorial a day. Rough title: Daily Tuts. We asked customer support, “What do people most want to know?” Changing name servers was at the top of the list and became the inaugural Daily Tut. Katie in Customer Support offers her assistance.

So that’s it. Although still not sure if Nameserver is one word or two.

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Infinite Search is Infinitely Awesome

For a Web with infinite possibilities, why not an infinite search? Now you don’t need to search over and over looking for different domains. They’re all right here with Infinite Search. Owen Borseth (O-Bo), who for the most part seems to be integral to the functioning of, gives us some insight on the latest tool from Labs.

Read More Introduces Domain Nabber NXD Scores for .Net, .CC and .TV

The NXD score that currently provides for .COM is now available for .NET, .CC and .TV.

NXD, or Non-existing Domains, are those domains just about to expire or are currently available to be registered.

The NXD score measures DNS traffic, which could be an indicator of web traffic. There are a lot, like millions, of domains that are already getting DNS traffic, but that no one is using. Information provided by Verisign helps to determine their NXD score, rated on a 1-to-10 scale, 10 being the highest.

Get onto’s Domain Nabber today, and use the NXD score to find the right domains to potentially drive even more traffic to your site, products, services and content.
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