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5 reasons to transfer to

You have a lot of choices when it comes to who you choose to register domains, host your websites, and bolster your online security with. But if that registrar isn’t us, well, we think you’re missing out. We try to go above and beyond to make your experience with us great by offering free tools, providing you with awesome support, and making transferring domains and services to us virtually painless.

Here’s just few of the perks you’ll get when you transfer to

Free domain services you can get at

Here at we care about keeping our customers happy—really happy. You guys are the heart and soul of our business, which is why we try to take care of you as best we can. Between top-notch customer support and one-click App set up, we are constantly coming up with ways to make it easier for you to get your website up and running.

And as an additional thank you to all of our amazing customers, we offer several free domain services for you to use on your website. From additional security to easier DNS management, these tools can save you a whole lot of time and money.

Domains for dummies: Can I transfer an expired domain name?

I’m lazy. First, I registered at many moons ago, without making any attempt to shop around. For shame! Second, I let that domain expire last week. I’d love to transfer it to The Best Domain Registrar EVAR, aka*, but I’m not entirely sure how domain transfers work, especially when a domain has already expired. But let’s try transferring the domain and see what happens.

*AKA my employer

 Attempt No. 1: Fast Domain Transfer from

First, I’ll try’s Fast Domain Transfer tool, which streamlines the process of transferring a domain from GoDaddy.


Transfer your Domains to a Swing State: A Message to President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney

First, let me say to President Obama and Governor Romney that transferring your domain name is easy and painless. Our world class customer support will take care of you. I’m also happy to say that WE’RE NOT JOKING! Each presidential campaign is looking for an edge, especially in swing states like Colorado. In 2004, Colorado went for Bush.In 2008 the state voted for Obama. National Public Radio and other news sources have said that in this close election, Colorado could become as important as Ohio or Florida. So, who will get our love? Mr. Obama? Or will it be the challenger to the throne in Mitt Romney? If they want extra support from Colorado’s burgeoning tech community, one or both of them needs to transfer to our swing state!

Meanwhile, everyone else in the world trying to live their lives through a slew of negative ads and wall-to-wall political coverage has already won our vote. You get the same deal as the most powerful men in the world! Use promo code NEWBIE for up to ten $6.99 COM/NET transfers to new accounts (here’s looking at you Obama and Romney), and after that continue to save with SWITCHEROO for unlimited $7.99 COM/NET domain name transfers!

Earn a Certificate of Awesomeness: Tell Your Friends about Our Domain Name Transfer Special

We’re running a special on domain name transfers right now (for a limited time only) that rivals free pizza and beer. OK, nothing is that good,an award for domain name transfer promotion but that’s one reason why you want to be with we’re open and honest. However, $6.99 COM/NET transfers for new accounts and $7.99 for existing Namers is really dang good, and we need your help in getting the word out. If we can recognize your effort in helping others bring their domain names to a better place, you could end up with a one-of-a-kind, suitable-for-framing CERTIFICATE OF AWESOMENESS.

But we’d like to help you help us. Sometimes it can be hard to work a conversation about domains into common situations, so we’re offering some talking points.

1. Any domain transfer comes with 1 year extension to registration. So, yes, if you have five months at your current registrar, you’ll have 17 months once you transfer.

2. Our customer support is amazing.

3. domains come with free email, free url forwarding, free social url forwarding and a free PageZen website.

4. The right domain name is the most effective yet least expensive marketing tool ever.

5. Name customers can come by the office for beer and crackers.

Here are some sample scenarios for bringing up domain names with friends, family and acquaintances:


Watching Sports with Friends

Team winning:

Option 1: “You think this is good, you should see’s COM/NET transfer special!

Option 2: “You’re wife is hot! Just kidding, did you know that has an attractive transfer special?”

Team losing:

Option 1: “Cheer up pal, at least you can transfer your COM/NET domain names to for just $6.99!”

Option 2: “Your choice of teams in pretty awful, but you can make up for it with the right domain registrar.”


Cocktail Party: 

Option 1: “I love what you’ve done with your hair! Are you celebrating transferring your domain names to

(and that one could really be used for anything: “I love that belt buckle,” “You smell great,” “You must be working out…”)

Option 2: “I think we should go back to my place. And transfer domain names to your new account for only $6.99.”


Family Events:

Option 1: “I’m sorry dad, but that’s who I am and you’re just going to have to live with it. But I did just transfer my domains to for just $6.99.”

Option 2: “I don’t have the money I owe you, but I did just transfer my domains to for just $6.99.”

(and you can see how this could be used in so many situations)


Grocery Store: 

Whole Foods: “Sweet Lord Baby that’s expensive! At least I did the cheapest domain name renewal ever by transferring my domain names to”

Option 2: “Get me five more pounds of pudding. I saved transferring my domain names to”


Waiting in lobby, at a bus stop or riding in an elevator:

Option 1: “The weather sure has been crazy lately. At least you can count on’s super cheap transfer special for sunshine.”

Option 2: “The weather has just been fantastic! Of course I’m always warm with all these domain transfer savings.”



Option 1: “That was as good as being able to transfer my COM/NET domain names to”

Option 2: “I’ll make it up to you by transferring your COM/NETs to for only $6.99.”


As you can see, your opportunities for greatness are many, as are the opportunities for you and your friends/family/lovers to save money. We’ll see you on the Internet!

Transfer your domains to, we’ll hook it up!

The past couple weeks have been really good to us: Roughly 5k of our loyal customers voted us #2 in a recent poll by for ‘Best Domain Registrar’ and with GoDaddy’s recent outage woke a lot of people up to other options on the web for domain registrations- being the best of course:) So in that vein, we’re going to keep the transfer ball rolling with two awesome promotions:

New Customers: Use the promo code, “NEWBIE” to receive $6.99 COM/NET transfers. Limit 10 transfers per customer.***Jumping for domain name discounts

Not a new customer? Looking to transfer more than 10 domains? We’d love you to! Use the promotional code, “SWITCHEROOto receive unlimited $7.99 COM/NET transfers (That’s $7.99 per name).

You guys are smart. So are we. It all works out. When we recently gave away 500 free transfers we had some smartie pants come in and abuse the system (we don’t mind as much when it’s insanely creative, smart ways of doing so) so we’ve put some restrictions in place for this one:

***’Newbie’ will only work with new accounts. If you’ve created an account on or after September 10th that qualifies as “new.” You’ve go to be logged in to use the code so we can do some backend ninja magic to cross check you.


How to transfer domains without disruption to your email or websites

This article was updated as of Sept. 25, 2015.

If you’ve decided to transfer your domain name to, you may have some questions: How do you do it? How long does it take? And what will happen to your website and email in the meantime?

The answer to all of these questions depends on the type of name servers you have. So if you have host name servers or your own custom ones, then do a little happy dance because you’re in the clear! Your namer servers will follow the transfer with no downtime or extra work on your part.

But if you’re using registrar DNS services, you’ll have to get a little more involved to successfully transfer your domain. But don’t worry—we’ll walk you through the process.

This is from Patrick “P-mo” Moroney who thinks about these things day and night, even when his wife is talking to him. So there’s a good chance he sacrificed the health of his young marriage just to come up with how you can transfer your domain names smoothly and without any interruption to your email or websites.

Transferring a domain that uses registrar DNS services

1. Purchase a transfer. And make sure to do the next 4 steps BEFORE clicking the link on the approval email that we will send to you, because you are unable to modify the name servers once we fully submit the transfer to the registry.

2. On the transfers page, click on the arrow next to the edit button and select “Edit DNS.”

3. Input your DNS settings to match what you have at your old drab registrar.

4. At this point you should be able to resolve DNS both at your old name servers and at’s name servers.

5. But you are not done yet. Go back to your old registrar and set the name servers to the following:

6. Now go back to that transfer approval email and click the link, allowing us to approve the transfer.

7. If your registrar allows you to acknowledge the transfer then you should wait 24 hours after you complete step 5 before you do so. Otherwise the old registrar could stop resolving your domains if anyone else has their name servers cached.

8. If they don’t allow you to acknowledge the transfer, we will have to wait the whole 5 day transfer period before the domains are with

9. You’re done! Yey!

Here, P-Mo ponders domain transfers. While some think he’s simply doing some nervous chewing on his earbud, he’s actually powering the internet with his wind.

Transfer domain names for email and websites

Reasons to Transfer to and not from our Marketing Department

First, a quick word from marketing: our COM/NET transfers are really cheap. For a limited time they’re just $8.25 and that includes a year extension of registration. So if you have five months over at some other domain registrar, when you transfer you’ll have a year and five months registration. Very slick, but to truly grasp why you should take the time (really, like a few minutes and some follow up) to move your domains to, we thought we’d ask some employees who are too burdened/busy to care.

The first is from Jeremiah Stanley in support. He just went through a divorce and should be bitter about everything, but no:

transfer your domain names

transfer your domain names.And now some reasons to transfer to from Nick in dev. He’s a handsome, athletic fellow who woke up the other morning unable to move one half of his face. It’s a random paralysis called Bell’s Palsy and would make most men punch things. Instead, he gently typed out something positive.

transfer you domains to

More reasons to transfer your domain names to come from Henrik. He works out of his home in Seattle, so doesn’t get free beer and is from Sweden so you’d think would be blinded by his indignity over America’s obesity epidemic. Still, he has nothing but nice things to say.

Transfer your domain names to

Or about .14 Swedish Kronor.

There you go, some reasons to transfer into from guys who could have totally blown off an email from marketing asking “Why do you think people should transfer their domain names to” If you still need some extra confirmation, then take a look at what these customers had to say. 

And marketing would like to remind you that, yes, COM/NET transfers are just $8.25, for a limited time. And even when that limited time is over they’re typically around $8.49. And you get a year extension to your registration.

And Jeremiah wanted me to remind you about this.

It ain't about the transfer: Stopping SOPA and Giving Back

Yes, we’d love for you to transfer your domains to But that’s not what this is about. The issue at hand is the ‘Net. The great wide open for new ideas, for visionaries, and thought so free it could spread its wings and lift us all off the ground. Yes, I just said that, but it’s easy to get sappy about the importance of the Internet. Why not? Look what it has done for communication, for innovation and for personal freedom around the world. Now everyone has a megaphone that’s as big as they want to make it.

Here’s how we’re going to use the Internet to turn up the volume on SOPA.

You can help remind Congress just how bad SOPA is AND support organizations that love the Internet the way it is. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to this page:
Step 2: Share our message on Twitter

That’s it. When you do that on December 29th, then we’ll donate 5 cents to the cause of your choice. Just do what you do everyday by sharing on the social webs, and we give money to incredible people who fight the good fight. Now get on it. We’re counting on the power of YOU.

If in addition to tweeting your support you’d like to vote with your feet and move to the home of the world’s greatest support, then use promo code “STOPSOPA” for 10% off your transfers and 40% off our incredible hosting.

For more information on how to transfer then click here.

If you’d like to feel really, really good about your own sense of rhythm, then watch this:

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