Speed up Your Website | The Web Address Ep. 6

We were perusing Entrepreneur Magazine (you may recall our appearance in the prestigious publication) and we came across a Boulder company sharing some dire news: If you’re a small or medium business and your website isn’t loading fast enough, then you’re going to have a hard time competing. The Amazons and Ebays of the world have entire teams dedicated to optimizing their websites. What they don’t have, however, is one Mr. Robert Shires. He’s part of the brilliant team behind Lagrange Systems, a company dedicated to turning your eCommerce up to the speed of mind-blowing astonishment. Shires isn’t only technically savvy, but also hilarious, so you get necessary information about improving your website speed (aka Application Delivery) without drowning in tech talk. And, as you’ll see, we’ve taken measures to make sure he stays away from mind-numbing buzzwords.

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The Website Builder is Here

Remember when…

Many years ago the World Wide Web made a promise. It told people that they could build their own website and it would look sleek and pretty. Many websites were made, but many people were disappointed. Many websites have been abandoned, fading away as low-price, low-quality promises on the lonely outskirts of the Internet.

But today, we are here to fulfill that promise. Today … we introduce’s website builder.

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The Basics of SEO to Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website | Part 5 of 5 in a “get traffic” series

Get Traffic to your site with these SEO Tips

Every search engine has a basic set of rules they use in determining how to rank your blog or website.  Learn these rules and help the search engines find your content faster as well rank you higher because you are seen as valuable in terms of content for given keywords.  This is all SEO.  Wanna get started on learning these rules?

Actually, if you have been following this “get traffic” series, you already have a head start. We’ve been giving you social media tips, tips on engaging your audience, google service tips, and even a quick rundown of 20 methods to try for traffic...

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FREE Ways to get Traffic to your Blog or Website this week | Part 1 of 5 in a “get traffic” series

Free Traffic to your Site – 20 tips to try today!

Are you an affiliate marketer?  Then you know how important it is to get traffic to your site.  More traffic means the better chance of people viewing and clicking your affiliate advertisements.  Own a business website?  Then you know that the more traffic the better chance of making money you’ll have.  Beginning a blog?   Then you should know how important it will be to develop a large loyal audience.  One that once you begin to monetize your blog your readers will hopefully trust your opinion on the products – making you Affiliate dollars.

There are many other important facets to keep in mind with your traffic, but this post is specifically about getting eyeballs to your affiliate blog or website...

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Web/Mobile Apps That Are Useful For Business



The idea behind finding success in today’s mobile business world is to find solutions that allow you to adapt what you already know works into something that works for you at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’re brainstorming, connecting with social media, or collecting a payment on a sale you were just reminded to close, mobile web applications are allowing your business to function in ways it never has before.

Here we’ve brought together a selection of the best business apps available for the two most popular mobile operating systems, iOS for iPhone and Android.

Profitable innovations come from unique ideas and Evernote saves each one.

On top of being on the ...

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How To Get A Website Up In 20 Minutes


Websitetosell, Domain Names Page 10, September 26, 2011 via Flickr, Creative Commons License

In this article we are going to learn how to get our own website up and running in 20 minutes or less. Getting started online is easy when the instructions are simply laid out for us at the beginning.

The first step in building a website and getting it live is understanding the terminology as well as all the fundamental working parts involved. The first section of this article is going to explain the fundamentals for you. When we are done reviewing all the fundamental pieces, we will move on to learning how to use each piece in order to build our first website.

The Moving Parts:

Domain Name:
A Domain name is simply your website address...

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Things Your Website Should NOT Do:’s Facebook Friends Focus Group

At we do domains, websites and hosting. You get a domain and some hosting and then you’re all set to burst onto the web, but before you put a whole lot of work into a snappy Flash intro, or have your friends in the bongo/zither duo make some awesome home page music, pay heed to what some experienced web users have to say about what NOT to do:

Do not do this to your websitewebsite don'tswebsite don'tswebsite don'ts

Like a free focus group and you didn’t have to provide finger food. Although we’re not sure what a couple are talking about, and I think Kelley Bryant is actually selling auto parts, but this is good info to keep in mind for the best presence on the web.


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iWeb is going away, but your site doesn’t have to! Check out shared hosting plans

Apple iWeb going away.

You don’t have to lose everything.

You finally found a super easy way to get your website looking right and online…and now it’s going away. Apple has announced that iWeb publishing, MobileMe Gallery, and iDisk are all being phased out by the end of June. Things are not as awful as they may appear. Apple is encouraging users to migrate over to iCloud, which is a bit more expensive. We wanted to let you know that we have an awesome shared hosting platform that could be a great fit for you. Take a look at our website hosting plans, and below see a tutorial on how to move your Apply goodness.

  Click here to get started.

Our team is standing by to help make the migration as seamless as possible...

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Website security vs. the real world

The best kind of protection is the one you don’t notice. has some serious muscle behind your website. With SSL Certificates, and the hardest working support team out there, we’ll make sure your site and information is secure.

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Engaged women developers: A Nerd’s guide

When you walk around town, do the people, buildings, and trees all have binary code streaming down them like The Matrix? That means you’re special; also, you probably lack social skills and routinely end sentences out loud with “<br>.” We here at have created this helpful lesson in gender-relation manners on how to deal with a co-worker who managed to ignore the binary codes long enough to go on a few dates, meet someone’s parents, and get engaged. Enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know any developers, check out PageZen, our website builder, and build a site in no time. We promise, by the end, you’ll still be able notice human beings when you go outside.

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