CATEGORY: How-Tos registers multiple domains defensively

More and more businesses are registering web addresses defensively. reports that online retailer has registered several domains related to holiday shopping. See DomainNameWire for the list.

Looking at Who.Is we found that Amazon’s legal department registered the domains for one year. This gives us reason to ponder something about their future. But first, why should your company register domains defensively?

1. Defensively registering domains can add to your search engine optimization. If you link your peripheral web addresses (domains) back to your main site, you rank higher with the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

2. It essentially builds a virtual fence of similar URLs around your brand. It keeps competition away from your trademark, while letting in customers from multiple locations.

3. Protects your brand from your detractors. Just ask United Airlines about A simple mistype and your potential business is reading horror stories about your service.

So about Amazon and their newly registered domains: The ones we saw were only registered for one year. If you’re going for SEO on your defensive domains, then register them for longer blocks of time. You’ll get more respect from the Googles of the world. In Amazon’s case, we think they may be waiting it out until they can own Amazon.Amazon, Kindle.Amazon and all the other second-level domains they can attach to their new dotAMAZON. Those pricey new dotBRANDS look to be available in January of next year.

For the rest of us, a good bet for protecting trademarks and brands will be buying the right (and competitively priced) domains.

Advice for your business: make sure your video is keyword Rich

It’s just a rumor, but one that should make us all more conscientious of what we’re putting in our videos. What we’ve heard from some of our SEO friends is that Google uses audio detection of video (YouTube for ie) to find keywords. So instead of being able to tag your accounting seminar with “bosoms” and “fatal crash” and “Bieber” to get more views, the world’s largest search engine will analyze the actual audio to ascertain the content. They do this anyway to seek out copyrighted material, so it very much could be a reality.

However, as a major global company, we’re not shaken by mere rumors.

It’s a good idea anyway to make sure your script and talent is enriched with your message, branding and products.

Cloud versus cloud and using it with

So my uncle has been using Macs since way back when they were steam powered. He calls anyone who uses a Mac today an “Appleton”, which I think is something like a simpleton, but with Apple products. I can’t help it that I was born after smartly dressed men did simple math on using iCloud cloud with name.comcomputers the size of swimming pools, and I like that Apple products–heck, all computer products–are tiny, super powerful and so user-friendly that a lemur can Tweet. Now, things seem to have gotten even simpler. Not only do I bring this up because is now a slick, streamlined one-stop for all things domain, web building and overall personal and professional ease and joy, but that even an Appleton like myself is excited about the use of Apple’s new ICloud.

Besides, your services work well with ICloud, Dropbox or any other cloud-like service. Here’s some of the magic that can happen:

PageZen — When employing our easy-to-use web builder, you can access the media you need to get your site justusing iCloud cloud with right. Your photos, videos and other dazzle will be available no matter where you’re working.

goMobi — Not sure if you’ve checked out how simple it is to get your business in front of the millions using the using iCloud cloud with name.commobile web, but building a site with goMobi is really fast, and with the Cloud, will make it a breeze grabbing the menu graphic for your restaurant, a logo for your brand or any other info for your mobile customers.

So what about iCloud versus Dropbox?

iCloud PRO: It does the sharing for you.

iCloud CON: It does the sharing for you.

With Photostream Apple whisks your pictures off to the iCloud. It’s automatic and fast, but from what I can tell, you have more control of your files with Dropbox. Of course with Dropbox you’re clicking and uploading and a few extra steps (you know, First World Complaints).

Dropbox PRO: Works with different platforms from OS X to Windows and Linux.

Dropbox CON: It’s not Apple.

I mean, really, you have to know Apple is going to make something fantastic. For many users it’s hard to even compare Dropbox with iCloud, as the latter comes with a pretty interface and syncs everything from pictures to emails to appointments. But for storage, there still seems to be a reason to at least take a look at alternatives.

Cost PRO and CON?

Right now Dropbox offers 2 free gigs and iCloud starts you out with five. They seem pretty competitive as the pricing goes up, but I did see a price chart with a service called SugarSync that offers 60 gigs for less than both Dropbox and iCloud.

One other question: How long will iCloud’s five gigs of free data last? You send up a hi-res Photostream and that space is gobbled up pretty quickly, and then you’re forking out some dough for more space. I guess that’s the business model, but something to watch out for.

For more about what the cloud really is, let’s revisit our conversation with the experts.

Media Training for Occupy Denver Protesters

We love that people are waking from their television-induced zombie state and care enough to try to spread their word. However, watching media coverage of protests can be painful. The news will get an interview of the one person who’s just been abducted by a UFO and smells like cats. For us, having the Occupy Denver protest going on just minutes away was just too tempting. But we needed a purpose: something that would make us more than just another crew sniffing out the cat lady. From that was born OCCUPY DENVER MEDIA TRAINING.

Be honest protesters, one major flaw with any protest gathering is the message is rarely unified and coherent. Yes, it’s lame that we live in a 5-second soundbite world, but it’s what we’ve got for now. We wanted to help.

And now the haters. The days of the benevolent, grandfather-like Walter Cronkite are long gone. Nowadays media personalities are going for blood, and Nancy Grace’s slot on CNN. How do you handle this? With practice. healthy living series: What’s in Katie’s Lunch?

At every workplace there is that person who makes you feel like a heap of fat. You know who they are. They’re in incredible shape. They do yoga, they levitate and just when you’re about to enjoy a spoonful of mayonnaise, they Healthy Living series.sit next to you with a flower petal salad topped with fresh air. At we have several of those people, but none more so than Katie. So we’ll promote a healthy lifestyle with our new feature: “What’s in Katie’s Lunch?”

Today: Whole wheat tortilla wrapped around turkey, kale and tomatoes served with wasabi rice crackers and hummus. healthy Living series

Katie’s actually agreed to compete in a yoga contest with our CEO, Bill, who had no idea until now that he’s going to compete in a yoga contest. He shouldn’t mind, as HE’S one of THOSE people too…right now probably harnessing energy from the sun to do a thousand pushups.

Netflix Saturday Night Live Bit Inspires valuable Domain advice

We’ve seen some pretty good jokes come out of the Netflix/Qwikster debacle. Weird Al Yankovic weighed in on Twitter with, “Next time Netflix wants to make a rash, impulsive decision, maybe they should just buy a puppy or get a tattoo. #RIPQwikster.” You know you’ve screwed up when Weird Al is attacking.

Of course the venerable newspaper The Onion unloaded on the online video behemoth. Their headline reads, “Netflix Switches Over to Convenient New Physical Locations,” but the best spin comes from domain blogger Chef Patrick. Instead of being critical, he drops some knowledge. Here are some of the lessons he gleans from the SNL bit below:

  1. Don’t forget to renew (auto renew) your valuable domain names.
  2. Buy easy to spell and pronounce domain names, nothing too tricky.
  3. Secure your developed brand by purchasing available typos.
Ok, now be entertained…

When something’s entertaining and informational all at once, it’s like a healthy meal that you actually like. Thank you Chef!

PageZen Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Like we’ve said before, PageZen is easy, and we don’t say that in the condescending oh-we-know-you-can-do-it way that someone says right when they give you a ton of work. We’re saying it in the old school “it’s easy” way. Back when “bad” meant “bad” instead of “awesome” and “sick” was still ill. PageZen is easy. Here’s how you take your PageZen website to the next level.

Twitter, FourSquare VC Says "Be Your Own Bee-Yotch"

There’s some offensive language here, but sometimes (and I’m sorry mom) it can be effective. Fred Wilson, whose mere presence is every startup company’s fantasy, offers his advice on whether to use Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

You know the Smash Summit has good content when the lighting is awful, the sound even worse, and people are still riveted by the speakers. (Not to call you out Microsoft, but this was your building and your Internet didn’t even work. I was kind of hoping for a giant paperclip to come and help me.) Search Page Version 2.1.0

When companies say to their customers, “You made this happen,” people are prone to roll their eyes and move on with their life. But HEAR ME NOW customers, YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN. Other companies should be jealous. When they change something they don’t hear about it like we do. When we changed the search page, we heard about it.

For example, Vincent shared his thoughts: “I hate the new Domain Searching tool.. it sucks!!!”

Thank you Vincent. But we wanted some specifics, and we got them. Hassan said he wanted his domain with fewer clicks. With the new page, Hassan, you’ll note far fewer clicks. It’s as close to telepathy as the web can get.

Nathan suggested we make it less busy and get rid of the quirky fonts. Done.

And, finally, Jesse said he liked it, but when he scrolled for domains he had no idea where the shopping cart went. Now, Jesse, it stays with you.

Today we get to hear comments like those of Caleb, who shouted, “OH MY GOSH’85 Unfortunately, your new page is gonna COST ME money.. Cause its SO SWEET & easy to use’85 Cheers!” search page v 2.1.0 search page v 2.1.0

Cheers to you to customer. Keep the feedback coming. As you can see, this is only Version 2.1.0. Considering the properties of numbers, we could go on forever making it better.