New Domains

An interview with .DESI COO Siddharth Ohri

Banner 3.DESI is about to explode the Internet with mind-blowing epic-ness by providing a new cultural digital community for the large number of Web users who call the Indian Sub-Continent home (or “home,” if they’re away from home). That’s right. This New Domain will explode the Internet with connectedness. Like an exploding magnet that both explodes out and draws in at the same time.

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Why anchor tenants are like the Batman of New Domains

WHOLE2-revised00.LONDON announced its anchor tenants in mid April, and the list is a run-down of amazing London-based organizations and businesses, including the London Symphony Orchestra, upscale retail giant Fortnum and Mason and Meantime Brewing Co. One of the reasons many domain market analysts believe .LONDON is going to be a very successful New Domain (other than the rallying support of the London community and government) is the placement of anchor tenants like these.

Anchor tenants are so important in New Domain development that ICANN has developed several incentives to encourage new TLD tenants to look for founding registries of their own, including a Qualified Launch Program, also announced in mid April, that allows registries to reserve 100 new TLD domains for chosen parties, to help promote New Domain awareness.

What are anchor tenants and why are they so paramount to success? Let’s use an extended Justice League metaphor to explore these questions. Mostly because Wonder Woman is awesome, but also why not?

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Choosing the perfect domain extension in three easy steps

You have unlimited choices when it comes to your domain name, thanks to all the New Domains coming into the fold. That’s great news if you’re looking for a memorable and intuitive domain name, but having so many choices can also prove overwhelming—nothing’s worse than knowing what you want and then being presented with every option in the world. We can help narrow your choices down in three easy steps that will make it possible to go from “Wha????” [brain explosion] to “Success!”

So much decision.

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Win Domain Names: Root for Adam Jensen

adam jensen fancy picture racing

Our very own customer service legend Adam Jensen continues to race for glory…and for you to win domain names. As you may know, when Adam wins a race, Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.30.00 PMyou have a chance at one of 20 .BIKE domain names.* So now you could finally get the respect you deserve with, or maybe

This week has been arduous for Adam. First, his company photo was turned into a meme. We call it “Tech Support Adam” and it can be seen all over our office.

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You have to love skiing to know skiing: Q and A with .SKI co-founder Rob Rozicki

Rozicki always had sweet style.

Rozicki always had a super-sweet style sense.

Some people start a business venture because they have a good idea, and that’s great. But other people start a business venture because they have a good idea and a love for skiing, and that’s even better. Such is the case with .SKI co-founder and Senior Vice President of Starting Dot, Rob Rozicki. Rozicki’s love for skiing goes way, way back (check out the commitment to ski safety in the photo above).

As co-founder of .SKI, Rozicki’s been able to take his passion for creating a digital community network for .SKI and help launch .ARCHI and .BIO, which are also heavily community-based New Domains.

Rozicki took some time to talk to us about Starting Dot’s international reach, the amazing .ARCHI marketing campaign and, of course, skiing. And more skiing. Oh, and there’s another glorious kid photo in there, too.

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It’s happy hour for .PUB domains


Are you thinking about a .PUB domain name for your pub or restaurant? If so you’ve got until July 9, 2014 to take an advantage of an awesome opportunity on .PUB domains.

The .PUB registry has decided that there will be no premium-priced .PUB domain names.* So even if you’re after a premium-quality .PUB—think of domains like,, or—you can secure it for the price of a Pre-Registration ($34.99) or Priority Pre-Registration ($199.99.)

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‘People eat Berliners’ and other mind-blowing reasons .BERLIN is one of the most popular New Domains: a Q and A with the CEO of .BERLIN


When David Bowie famously recorded the popular hit “Heroes” in Berlin, he was probably inspired by the city’s true heroes, Berliners – the famous, delicious jelly-filled pastries. Heroically delicious pastries, you might say. Okay, so Bowie was actually inspired by the people of Berlin – the “other” Berliners – and it’s easy to see why. Berlin is more than just delicious pastries; it’s a global metropolis, offering cutting-edge modern architecture, bangin’ techno, and David Hasselhoff. And like the city of Berlin, the domain .BERLIN is hot to death. We caught up with .BERLIN CEO Dirk Krischenowski to talk the Hoff, swimming BBQ donuts (you read that right), dotBerlin’s geographic connection to “Heroes” and how you can eat a Berliner and be one at the same time.

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Curb election spending with a .DEMOCRAT

Right now, during the intensity (insanity?) of a midterm election, .DEMOCRAT domain names are only $24.99.

The easy sell here is that with $7 billion spent during the 2012 Presidential cycle, then what’s $24.99 for a .DEMOCRAT domain?  But the truth is that only a very small percentage of candidates have even a thousand bucks—let alone a BILLION—to spend on their campaigns, so before you drop a single dime, make sure you’ve got the right domain and the right website.


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Learn everything you need to know about .KIWI and the Commonwealth Games

PrintEver since .KIWI let us race a bobsled to celebrate a powerhouse New Domain sponsorship of the New Zealand Olympic bobsledding team (.KIWI,, .XYZ, .NINJA, .BUZZ, .CLUB .HIV), we’ve been keeping a close eye on what they’re up to. Turns out we’ve been watching for good reason: the .KIWI team is also sponsoring the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year.

If you’re a New Zealander, .KIWI sponsoring the Commonwealth Games probably seems like a genius idea. Kiwis love sports and they love the Commonwealth Games. If you’re American, you might be asking what we were asking—what are the Commonwealth Games?

Turns out that the Commonwealth of Nations, a group of 54 member states (most of which are former members of the British Empire), has been throwing a huge sporting event every four years without America. Can you believe it? The nerve. We’re truly hurt guys.

If you’re like us, you might want to know more about the Commonwealth Games. Here’s the five-minute breakdown:

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Choose your own cupcake adventure: A journey with the New Domains

Does the world even know they have a choice? Do they know about the internet freedom granted by the New Domains? You walk up to people on the street and they think we must be confusing .NINJA with .INFO. But it can happen—you can get the domain name you want. You don’t have to settle for numbers or hyphens or awkward spellings of common words. YOU CAN GET THE DOMAIN NAME YOU WANT!

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