Look professional online with a .US domain name

us-buttonEven if you don’t have a custom-built website for your  business, you can still create a credible, professional-looking online destination by registering a .US domain name. Many businesses use a Facebook page, a Tumblr blog, an eBay store, or a Twitter account as their online home. Those are all effective platforms for getting online, but they don’t lend themselves well to establishing a memorable, credible web address.

So instead of sending your customers to www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname or www.twitter.com/yourbusinessname, consider registering a .US domain name and then using URL forwarding to direct users to your business’ Facebook page or Twitter account.. You can still take advantage of the pages you’ve already established, but you can brand your business with a web address that’s much easier to remember.

Why .US?

  • Availability—.US has much greater availability than some other long-standing domain extensions, so you have a much better chance of getting the domain you want.
  • Credibility—In order to register a .US domain name, you need to be a United States citizen, a United States entity, or a foreign organization with a bona fide presence in the United States. These restrictions establish trust and legitimacy for your .US domain name.
  • Affordability—.US is one of the most affordable domain names out there. You can register a .US at name.com for just $3.99!


Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:12 pm December 24, 2013
Pandemic Moon

Unfortunately, .us doesn’t support domain privacy, which is a dealbreaker for me. However, I know clients that have chosen it just for the small price. If you don’t mind your name and address being displayed on the internet, .us is a great domain to use!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:16 pm February 10, 2014
Domain Privacy

Quite nice post thanks for share………

Harvey Specter
Posted at 6:17 pm March 25, 2014

Adopting the .us extension makes for local or community based businesses. The extension can be limiting if a firm has significant growth plans. In business today, most consumer expect to type a company name followed by “dot-com” into their browser. By adopting the .us extension, many customers may be going to the .com website.