Tell your story online with the right domain name


Our friends over at Rightside just finished up an ebook about how having the right domain name is the best way to tell your story online. We thought we’d give you a quick excerpt from their ebook and the link to download it:

“You can think of web domains in two ways: challenge and opportunity.

On the one hand, you have the challenge of coming up with something that informs people, entices them, and sticks in their memory. On the other hand, you have the awesome opportunity to be inventive, express yourself, and form your brand in exactly the terms you choose.

Of course, then there’s the small detail of hoping that someone else hasn’t beaten you to the punch and secured the name you want already.

By now, a huge chunk of .com, .net, and .org real estate has been scooped up. (Not to mention the trouble with long, unwieldy email usernames. I’m looking at you, It can be pretty difficult to find your own space online…..”

You can continue reading the ebook below: