EAP Preorders: An even better way to get the New Domain you’re craving

If you’re not a trademark owner,  your best option for making sure you get the New Domain you want is to place a Preorder. You choose the domain, and we’ll attempt to register it on your behalf as soon as the extension is released to the general public.

There’s also the Early Access Program (EAP), which applies to New Domains operated by certain registries. The EAP allows you to register domains for a premium price before they become available for their standard registration price. Here’s how the pricing works:


Now there’s a new option for securing a domain: EAP Preorders

We’ve taken Preorders and EAP and combined them. Now you can choose a certain Preorder day—essentially a price point—where we’ll attempt to secure the domain. 

As an example, let’s say I really want to register ethanconley.email. I’m not going to shell out $1,000+ for the domain, but I want it badly enough that I’m willing to pay a little extra to improve my chances. I can place an EAP Preorder for Day 5—the $175 price point—and Name.com will attempt to register the domain on that day. I won’t get the domain if someone places a Preorder for Day 4 or earlier, but I will beat out anyone who places a standard Preorder or attempts to register the domain when it reaches General Availability.

EAP Preorders basically function like an auction. We’ll notify you if someone “outbids” your EAP Preorder, and we’ll show you the options for placing a new bid.

We know this might sound a little confusing, so if you have any questions about EAP don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.