The World Needs You to Get Your .DANCE On


“If you can teach people to dance, it behooves you to save people from those who can’t.” -Pretty Much Anyone Who’s Ever Been on a Dance Floor

Talented people, it’s time to share your skills. Yes, you might have a website for your dance academy or instructor studio, but we think they’re getting lost in the shuffle … or two step or the WWW (Wild Web-based Whirl) of the Internet.

It’s time to stand out because people need you. Not just those who can’t dance and are still out there and dangerous to others whenever the Ramones come on, but for those girlfriends, wives, first dates, and prom crushes who have been left to hunker down and hope their partner doesn’t Disco Sprinkle during a waltz. How many times will the drunken Mony Mony have to suffice as the one time you can get your rhythm impaired partner on the dance floor?

The Electric Slide is not romantic. The limbo is not really a dance.

For how long will we add more weight at the food table instead of burning it off in a glorious, spinning Salsa explosion of passionate Latin dance?

You, dance teacher, are the only one who can help. And all you need to do is let the world know you exist with a .DANCE.

Where once there was a lengthy website like, now there can be DENVER.DANCE. Where there may have been a tangled twist of words, hyphens, and numbers culminating in a forgettable online address, might be WE.DANCE.

Well, do we? Not so much right now. We’ve been waiting to learn the jitterbug and the tango. We’ve pined to be more suitable for human proximity at the club. We hope to one day bequeath unto our loved ones a graceful spin into the realm of rhythm and romance, and fill the world with more groove … and more love.

But it can’t happen unless we know you exist. Get your .DANCE today at