gets funkified! gets a snazzy new look! Yes it’s true, we have not been hacked and this is not a phishing site, this is the new us! It’s been 8 years of orange, so with this big change we feel refreshed and revived! Clearly we’re pretty excited about it and hope you are too.

So why the change? Why not!? Around here, we pride ourselves on pushing the envelope and staying fresh. We’re certainly not your average registrar, so we’ve updated our look to express that better. We think of our brand as an actual living, breathing thing that will be constantly evolving and changing as we go. We invite you to join the process and share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas at, you can also let us know what you think of the new design on Twitter using the hashtag #newname.

In the coming weeks and months you’ll notice more of our pages flipping over to the new design with some added functionality updates as well. As we design our new pages we’re going to count on you guys to give us your feedback. We also have some great products coming your way soon, including an easy and awesome website builder, SEO tool, iPhone app & more.

We’re pretty stoked on opening ourselves up to let our personalities shine through a little more, and we’re really glad to have you guys on board and contributing along the way. Cheers to a better Name!

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