Thank You for Taking our Survey! The good stuff Part 1

GoDaddy alt. Also, new layout and checkout are seamless and beautiful.
Easy to use. Love the new checkout process!
The simplicity and focus of the site are exactly what I need. No unneeded clutter.
Simple and clear interface.
Easy interface
Plain and simple. Good stuff 🙂
Your website gives the impression that creating and managing domains will be easy, simple, and efficient. That is exactly the experience I’ve had since I’ve become a customer. After dealing with 1 and 1’s horrendously complex (and slow!) site to mange domains, is amazing. I don’t want to spend hours doing something that should take minutes.
Price and good multi-search facility. Also not trying to shove lots of other stuff at me with each logon/purchase. Clean easy to use CP.
I needed something to move to from GoDaddy. You had a good looking site and good prices, and didn’t seem like d-bags.
Because ya’ll so crazy, just like me.
Price, simplicity, trust in your brand (Godaddy feels sleazy)
Good prices and I liked your website, especially liked the employee profiles. Thought they were awesome. seemed to be a young company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and love for what they do. And, I was sick and freaking tired of getting screwed by Network Solutions and their outrageous prices and poor service.
as i said earlier we found your control panel very easy and the best. and is the most genuine among all.
– Secure Site for Online Domain Name Booking – Sometimes offering gr8 coupon code for discount .. accept .org/.in/ Domain name booking 😛 – The New GUI/Design/Look of is really very professional and nice :)..I appreciate effort given by your team for making new look quality and features wise 2..Congrats to all your team for that.. 🙂
1. Now with user-interface changes it’s a lot easier to find domains. 2. I want to have all domains with one registrar 3. There is a good variety of TLDs
site design was absolutely terrific. clean, simple, attractive, easy, and the tutorial for switching my domains over from godaddy made it a fast and easy process.
so easy to use, love how google apps is integrated and beautiful, easy to use website. Safe and authentic
Speedy UI, good usability and price
I really liked the nice clean interface.

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