The only last-minute halloween costume guide you’ll ever need

I’ve asked our Twitter followers and our Facebook likers and all of the people for cheap easy quick halloween costume ideaseasy and quick Halloween costume ideas. This list is pretty awesome. You’ll be getting more compliments and candy than people who have been planning all year. Let’s start with Elsa, who inspires us daily with stories from school and impressive gymnastic tricks. Her costume? Rock star. Quick, inexpensive and easy on parents.

Easy halloween costume

Let me introduce you to Customer Support Guru and Costume Genius, Nic. He made a bear costume out of a 5$ rug. And he offers up these brilliant ideas:

Step 1) Buy White Shirt
Step 2) Write “Go Ceiling!” with Sharpie on the front
Step 3) You are now a Ceiling Fan

Step 1) Buy three hotwheel pickup trucks
Step 2) Glue in a line on the front of your shirt
Step 3) You are now a Pickup line

Step 1) Acquire friends
Step 2) Encourage friends to dress only in green on Halloween night
Step 3) You are now Gang Green

Katie, CS, number cruncher, yogi, offers this: healthy living series

You could be a “.com”: cut out a gigantic white circle out of posterboard and wear it around your neck so that it covers most of your body. Write COM on it.
Wear all white, cut out a yellow circle out of felt, pin it on your chest. Wear some little red devil horns on your head = deviled egg.

Jared, Community Evangelist, offers this:

cheap and easy and quick halloween costumesPut pieces of bread on your front and back and go as a meat sandwich. If you’re frighteningly hairy like me you can roll around in dirt and go as Dirty Hairy. Once I strapped a tap to my head and went as a keg. Oh, and even though he wanted nothing to do with it, when my son was a toddler we went as Dr. Evil and Mini-me.

Shannon, Product Manager, nice dresser, offers this:

Loofah – probably the easiest costume to make ever.

cheap and easy and quick Halloween costumes

A few years ago I went as a stegosaurus. I bought some foam and cut it into triangles, then I sewed the triangles onto a brown hoodie under some fabric and sewed a tail onto the bottom (picture attached). It was awesome because it was absolutely frigid outside but my costume was really easy to layer. It has since become a go-to for friends to borrow because it’s so effortless to pull off.

Another easy one is the “dirty laundry”


And now from Facebook:

Mark Ursus Veritas Mina Nudist.

Jon Lester OWS protester. Just don’t shower, shave or change clothes between now and Halloween. (I lean left politically but I don’t think i’m being unfair.

Ron Sheridan Santa Ballerina Biker Claus

Mark Janz Armstrong POLE DANCER !!!! Ding-Ding-DONG! We have a WINNER! (Just walk around with a pole and dance on request.)

Gabor Free Chipendale stripper

There could be more soon. Need to find the Twitter responses.

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