This week our little UI/UX unicorns and developer wolfpack have been hard at work!  Ch-Check out this weeks changes to your account that will make managing your domains that much easier!  Game on!

  • Ever used the “Email Me My Domain List” link from your Account  Control Panel? You should!  It now emails you your domains,  expiration dates, and name servers!  Say what?!

Domains, Expiration Dates, and Name Servers – Oh My!


  • Your Account Management page just got a lot snazzier too!  Look at the magic unicorns running with wolfpacks can do………
  1. “Action” buttons have been added to make it easier for you to renew domains and products, enable whois privacy, edit DNS, change nameservers, manage URL forwarding, and manage automatic billing. That’s like everything possible you could ever do to a domain!
  2. To be Automatically Billed or not to be Automatically Billed?  We answer the question with, “Disabled” or “Enabled” text.
  3. Even Whois Privacy got an upgrade.  Forgot to add it during checkout?  You can now add it from your home page. Not every domain extension allows you to hide your contact details with Whois Privacy.  We now let you know the deal by saying “Not Supported” if it’s not possible to add it. #duh
  4. A new bulk function is best communicated with a poem:
Doing things in bulk should not make you sulk.
Spy the large blue button, upper left, on display for all folk
Now you can renew and manage auto billing in bulk!
5. Lastly, check out the new fonts.  We like to think we’re easy on the eyes!

Everything circled is something new.


Don’t think we’re stopping here! Share any feedback you have with your comments!

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  • Simon Hampel

    Nice start, but I would really like to see some domain management tools for people with large domain collections.

    I have over 400 domains and with almost zero filtering capabilities in your control panel, it does get a little cumbersome to manage them all.

    I would like to see grouping of domains by either attribute with the ability to save searches as well as the ability to put domains into arbitrary groups individually.

    For example, allow me to search my domains by multiple attributes, such as “name server”, “TLD”, “expiry date”, “keyword”, etc … and then save that search so I can (for example) quickly find my .co domains with “kitten” in the name which are using name server

    … similarly, let me group my domains which contain “realestate” OR “property” as keywords

    … also just manually put domains into a group so I can put all of my Mum’s domains together for easy management

    … and importantly, include a search which shows any domains not yet grouped!

    (PS. a certain other registrar not called StopMummy actually does this quite well, despite all their other failings)

    • jaredatname

      Now that is feedback. Thank you for putting this together. It will not have been in vain!

    • namedotcom

      I see Jared already got back to you but i wanted to follow up as we’re definitely looking into improving these management tools in the very near future. It helps hearing straight from a customer’s lips (ok, fingers) exactly what would be most useful. Thanks for the feedback and feel free to keep it coming if you have other requests.

      Thank you again!