ICANN Rep Coming to Denver to Discuss Controversial Change to the Internet

Name.com to Host Denver Press Club Conference Friday, January 6, 2011 at 10 a.m.

On January 12, one of the biggest changes in the history of the Internet will begin to unfold, one that will change the way 2-billion Internet users think of online addresses’85and the way that some Colorado organizations and businesses will brand and identify themselves in cyberspace.

On that date, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the non-profit charged with coordinating the global Internet addressing system, will begin taking applications for new Internet address endings. Currently there are 22 generic top-level domains, like the familiar .COM, .NET, .GOV, etc. Under a new and extremely controversial ICANN program, that number will expand to include just about any word, in just about any language. Organizations can submit applications for names like .COKE, .ROLEX, .NYC, etc.

For some, the change marks a global branding opportunity, for others it translates into a trademark and intellectual property protection problem. It has become one of the most hotly debated subjects in the Internet’s history, attracting the attention of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee which recently held hearings, and the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology which held hearings last week.

The story is attracting the attention of global news outlets:

* National Journal * Washington Post * Reuters * BBC * Associated Press

Now we can discuss how it could impact you.

One week before the application window for this new program opens, Denver domain registrar Name.com will host Brad White, ICANN’s Director of Global Media Affairs, to answer local journalists’ questions about this new and controversial program. Please join Mr. White, local media and Internet organizations on Friday, January 6th for a news conference at 10AM. We’ll be in the Denver Press Club at 1330 Glenarm place, third floor banquet room.

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