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Entrepreneur Magazine Features Name.com’s World Class Customer Service

It’s been a year since it all went down; since David Walsh’s domain name was stolen and we managed to get it back. And it’s article on great customer servicebeen a good year. Since then the word has gotten around, and our intrepid support and domains team are getting the credit they deserve. This article in Entrepreneur Magazine (200k followers…What!?) is written by business consultant and author Erika Napoletano. It’s part of a bigger piece on how businesses go the extra distance to get more customers. It’s nice that by simply being good to people, good things will happen. There’s not all that much sexy about it, unless of course you’re tired of being turned off by bad support. Then it’s so hot it should be the centerfold. Although you can trust we’ll take our time ogling this great piece of writing…

Entrepreneur Magazine article

We think you’re great. What do you think of us?

Lifehacker, the esteemed and very useful site for all-things consumer, simplicity, tech and information, is asking its readers to vote on their favorite domain name registrar. We don’t want to be so overt and skeezy to influence you like a bunch of lobbyist pimps, because that’s not our style. We feel that you should vote based on your experience with how awesome the best domain name registrar in the universe is, not just because some dude with a family who stays up day and night answering your Tweets and Facebooks guilted you into it.

So, keeping it straight up and for reals, here’s the link to vote! And, as we take our role as an impartial friend who offers some gentle direction and then kicks back and leaves you to your own very keen and learned devices, here are some random videos and reading material to help you kill part of a workday.

Name.com Goes After Hijacker to get David Walsh’s Domain Back.

People Say Really Great Things and We Happen to Edit them Into a Video

Babies are so Precious. So is our Customer Support.

This Man Loves you.

And always remember…

Great Customer Service Could Result in the Following

Great Customer Feedback.

If you know someone who needs domain names, SSL certificates, search engine optimizationwebsite hosting, an easy website builder and all with customer service that makes people squeal with delight, then simply forward along this video. Our customers are happy, and that’s the only way we’ll ever be.

To us it seems simple: People give you money and their trust, so you should at least provide them with great customer service. And whenever possible shamelessly promote their positive feedback.

Nominate Us For a R.E.C.S.S.!

Yes, R.E.C.S.S. is quite the acronym and it stands for “Recognition for Excellence in Customer Service & Support.” A few customers have already nominated us, and for that we humbly say thank you.

If any of our readers out there have had a good customer service experience with us, you can nominate Name.com in either the “Online Service Provider” or “Hosting” categories here. If you haven’t had a good experience, then we certainly want to hear about it. We ask that you send us an email telling us what happened so that we can learn from it and improve our customer service going forward. Either way, we thank you very much for your input and support!

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