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Blog like a mother | Using domain magic to get noticed online

We spent the day with three of Colorado’s top Mom Bloggers (don’t say ‘Mommy’) to share with them the magic of domain names and ended up learning some things ourselves.

First off, those mimosas can really add up. (MOMosas?) You might want to bring your own champagne. Secondly, the things you can do with a domain name are far more satisfying than a visit to a boutique salon. Listen, my fingernails are fabulous and my pores have never felt more, um, porous, but the long-term effects of having an amazing web presence for 10 bucks will free up some cash for even more beauty. Throughout this video I’m talking about a few of the most awesome and FREE benefits to owning the right domain … something that’s easier to get than ever before now that there are more domain names.

Should you be using an exact match domain?

A domain is a domain is a domain, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Your website’s domain name is often the first impression that a visitor gets of your website and plays a significant role in how search engines find and rank it as well. Before registering a new domain name, you should ask yourself if you would benefit most from an exact match domain, a partial match domain, or a non-matching domain.

The Domain Awareness Tour Goes to Boulder

There’s no better way to get the word out than to impede someone’s progress on the sidewalk and yell at them about their choice of domain registrar. OK, it’s not that extreme (you’ll have to watch the video to find out,) but the Domain Awareness Tour is in Boulder, CO and sharing free domains with anyone who will listen. Everybody has been really nice because:

A) It’s Boulder.

B) Domains are the best marketing tool money can buy.

C) We plied all of the participants with their choice of a free .NINJA, .VIDEO or .SOCIAL domain names.

Name.com Customer Rakes in Cash from .COM

There should be a business version of “stop and smell the roses” that goes something like “pause right now and talk to your customers.” Whenever we do we learn a lot, and Adam is no exception. We were excited enough to hear that a namer had won the Verisign .COM domain contest–well, he’s a semifinalist, but he has a check for five grand on the way–yet we were blown away that this is a guy behind the Singing Dogs because, for reals, he plays the saxophone and his dogs sing along. No, really, check out the video above.

Controlling the message: Why you probably don’t need to worry about .SUCKS

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 10.12.48 AM

Photo credit: JD Hancock

Let’s talk about “Obamacare.” Not the broad, sweeping health insurance program in general, but the word itself. It was originally meant to be derisive, painting the Affordable Care Act as the result of overreaching Executive power. At one point a Democratic Congresswoman objected to its use on Capitol Hill. But then something happened: it gradually took on a whole new life as a universal and sometimes affectionate term for the medical overhaul. The hashtag #ILikeObamacare trended when the bill was challenged in Supreme Court, and President Obama even started using it in his own speeches.

This is a classic example of one side making the best of an attack. They completely redefined it, and now they don’t need to get a .SUCKS.

Cyber Monday: You Save, We Give.

Our Cyber Monday is going to last for five days. From Dec. 1 through Dec. 5 you save on domain names, websites, email, and hosting by using the promo code CYBERGOOD. But this isn’t just another week of Cyber Mondays. It’s not just a sale on domains and websites. This, my friends, is a First World Solution. It’s something we hope overtakes first world problems or, as the Twitter hashtag goes, #FirstWorldProblems. You know, those nuisances caused by too many kernels in your popcorn, or the upsetting tribulations of not getting enough likes on Facebook. First world problems are the trials of those who live in a world where adversity comes in a ketchup bottle that won’t release its tomatoey goodness.

Beer Friday Presents: Women Brewers, Beer Domains and People Making Out

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.26.24 PM

When you’re approached by a fantastic group of women who want you to share in their love of craft beer, you make the most of the opportunity. What we didn’t realize is how much fun Colorado’s Barley’s Angels would be. After some beverages we hatched (brewed?) a plan to infiltrate the Great American Beer Festival Barleys-Angels-Logoat the Denver Convention Center. To say that the GABF is big is an understatement. This year it hosted over 49,000 people and offered nearly 4000 beers. How would we break through the teeming masses and get the word out about Colorado’s premiere group of femme ferments and our brand new .BEER domain name?

We’d listen. That’s right, a trick not completely unknown but is on the verge of extinction.

Bearglecorn buys a domain name, takes first step toward internet dominance

Bearglecorn Website Cover Photo

Our wonderful mascot, a part-bear, part-eagle, part-unicorn mashup who goes by the name Bearglecorn, is currently limited to a cameo deep within the name.com About Us page. This must be rectified immediately. Bearglecorn needs his own website, and I intend to provide him with one.

So on that note, welcome to a new weekly feature at the name.com blog, where I’ll document the creation of Bearglecorn’s website. If you’re thinking, “This is just a poorly disguised excuse to show off name.com’s account management features in a logical progression,” well … you’re absolutely correct. Congratulations, you win unlimited free visits to the soon-to-be-active Bearglecorn website. 

Name.com Predicts the Future

New TLD, new dots, nTLDs – Whatever you call them, they’re about to seriously redefine the way we use the Internet, think up domain names, and navigate the Web. Which has us thinking a lot about the future – in ten years, will there be so many domain name options our heads will explode? Perhaps so.

In honor of the future new TLDs, coming very soon to a computer near you, we watched futuristic sci-fi movies all weekend, and although we’re no closer to actually being able to predict the future of the Internet, we’re sure these five predictions, based on the movies we’ve been watching, are dead-on. We’re pretty busy and important (we’re sure you can tell), so we’re hoping you’ll make these predictions happen. We even helped out with possible e-com ideas and related new TLD domain names you’ll be able to purchase soon. Thank us later, and don’t forget your Grey’s Sports Almanac!

Fax Machines in Yo’ Closet.

So you thought fax machines were out? Wrong. Back to the Future II, set in 2015, predicted fax machines in closets, and we think it’s crazy enough to work. Texts? ntlds the futureSo yesterday. Nothing says, “I love you” like a creepy, early morning fax straight to the very closet your new bf is currently browsing. Getting ready for work has never been so unsettling. Now that’s romance.

How to make it happen: Launch a kick-starter and an informative site, to raise venture capital.

Possible new TLD domain name: closetfax.win

Personal Tiny Crossbows and Fashionable Chain-mail Will Be Hot Next Fall.

So hot, in fact, that you’ll need to go pants-less and gel your hair up just to make it through the day without suffering heat exhaustion. The crossbow not only says, “I’m too cool for school,” it also provides easily transportable personal protection in the mean streets of whatever city you’re living in. You’ll be daring people to mug you with your iCrossbow Mini.

How to make it happen: Design it yourself and create a meme of you, dressed in your new chain-mail, holding a crossbow, posed like the famous Mad Max Tina Turner poster, with the words “You only need this hero.” Start posting the meme everywhere. Then offer an e-shop to sell your ware. Profit.

Possible new TLD domain name: chainsandcrossbows.fashion


Eye Scanning Lie Detectors– Wait for it – On Your Android!

Blade Runner’s depiction of 2019 is not exactly what we’d like to see happen in the next six years. Crazy homicidal robots, darkness, dystopia, weird food? No BladeRunnerthanks. But there is one thing we’ll take – the eye scanner lie detector. Totally useful for interviewing prospective employees, acing first dates, and raising honest children. A friend tells you a story you hardly believe? Whip out your lie detector eye scanner app, on your Android, and catch them in the act. You’ll be the most popular kid around.

How to make it happen: Design your lie detector app and come up with a crazy compilation of cat videos, in which one cat uses your app on another. Meow, that’s a genius marketing plan.

Possible new TLD domain name: catchaliar.app — (CATchaliar.app, perhaps?)

Toilet Paper is for Losers. Use Seashells!

3ShellsLet’s face it. There’s nothing green about using toilet paper. You’re literally wiping your ass with nature. Cut it out, already. Demolition Man’s version of 2032 was toilet paper-less. Be the envy of all your hipster friends by figuring out how to wipe with seashells. Once you figure it out, let us know. We tried this morning, and only clogged up our toilets and caused serious “tissue” damage. HEEEEEEYYYOOOO.

Make it happen: Spend countless hours in pain and misery and then figure this out. Or don’t, and just sell seashells in a box to hapless hipsters and sci-fi fans.

Possible new TLD domain name: seashellsfortp.expert

Gap Will Know What Tanktops You Like.

It’s not cool to shop at Gap. We’re not sure why, but we do know there’s a reason they leave their brand label off of the t-shirts – so you won’t have to tell anyone you shop there. If Minority Report is right, though, and we think it is, Gap not only knows you shop there, but will soon have virtual personal greeters who will shout MinorityReportyour last purchase out to the mall world around you. Out with your friends, at the mall, casually chillin’? Better avoid Gap in 2054, because it will sell you out to all your homies.

Make it happen: Please don’t make this happen. In fact, do everything to make sure it doesn’t.

Possible New TLD domain name: notanktopsatgap.ninja

For more info about new TLDs, or to watch your favorites, check out our new TLD page.