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5 reasons why .IO is a powerful domain choice

It’s rare now to come across someone who has not at least heard of the .IO domain name—the extension that originally served as a ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory took off several years ago among web innovators and remains a popular domain choice for startups and tech companies.

If you’re considering registering your own .IO domain name, but still have some hesitations, check out this list of reasons why .IO could be an excellent domain choice for building your web presence.

Why .IO is the go-to domain for tech companies

Having a great URL is essential for startups and new website owners who want to succeed. However, obtaining a short, memorable domain at a reasonable price can be difficult at times—especially in the fast-moving startup world.

Increasingly more websites and businesses are turning to alternative domain endings as a solution. As hundreds of New Domain extensions have become available, it has become easier to get a domain name that you love and that your visitors will remember. But there’s another option that is neither a New Domain nor an old standby, and it’s become the darling of the startup and tech community: .IO.

But what’s so special about .IO? What sets it apart from other domains that haven’t yet seen the success that .IO is experiencing? We delved into the issue to explain why people are so drawn to the .IO extension.

5 of our favorite startups using New Domains at Web Summit

We made the long trek from Denver to Dublin for Web Summit recently and it was a fantastic time that was definitely worth the journey. We learned lesson after lesson in Dublin and saw opportunity after opportunity for not only the tech industry as a whole, but also for New Domains in particular.

On the New Domain front, we saw dozens of startups using New Domains as their primary URL for business websites. This is a stark contrast to the behavior and feelings regarding New Domains that we encountered in the past at similar events. Just a year ago we were hearing skepticism from the startup community regarding New Domains, but we’re now seeing both personal adoption and adoption from up-and-coming businesses.

To highlight some of the great usage of New Domains that we saw at Web Summit, we created a list of some of our favorites (in no particular order):