Below are links to the additional contractual requirements, including registry specific privacy policies, of the various registries, arranged by top level domain ('TLD'). Some registries may have additional contractual requirements, that, by agreeing to purchase a domain name in that TLD you acknowledge and agree to. Please note that it is your personal responsibility to familiarize yourself with the specific privacy policy applicable to your TLD of choice. You are responsible for reviewing any terms and conditions applicable to or provided by these registries. Should you have any questions regarding that Privacy Policy, these can be raised to the relevant registry operator to determine and confirm any issues or questions, using the contact details as provided by their policy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At times acts as a reseller for third party registrars to provide you with certain domain services. We have identified the instances where is a reseller below by labeling such TLD with "Registration Partner" and the date when it applies where we act as a reseller. When you register a domain name, renew, transfer, or alter any of the account information for an existing domain name in a Registry Partner TLD you are bound by the relevant Registration Partner’s terms and conditions. These Registration Partners must also process your data in order to register your domain. Noting this, where "Registration Partner" is indicated below, please ensure that you also review the relevant Registration Partner Privacy Policy, the link to which can be found below.

NOTE FOR FORMER DYN CUSTOMERS: If you continue to hold a registration, originally carried out at “DYN/Dynamo/Oracle”, and subsequently transferred to, please note that acts as a reseller for such existing registrations (made before November 18, 2019) in the following TLDs: .cc, .us, .xyz, .tv, .com, .online, .net, .tech, .org, .biz, .cn, .website, .store, .name, .mobi, .info,,,, and Should you wish to consult the applicable privacy policy for these registrations, please review the published privacy policy of both Tucows (as registrar) AND (as reseller). Where a conflict arises between the two policies, regarding such registrations, the Tucows Privacy Policy shall prevail.

By continuing, you are confirming that you have read and familiarized yourself with the applicable privacy policies for the TLD (and Registration Partner where indicated) and you are happy to proceed with your registration.




















































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.yt (Registration Partner)