Domain reseller API


Add domain services to your business with the API offers a RESTful API that allows you to sell domains directly to your customers on your website or app. There’s no signup fee or application process—just generate an API key to get started.

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Resell and manage domains programmatically

Your business, your prices

As a reseller, you have the freedom to add your own margins on top of’s retail prices. High volume resellers may also be eligible for wholesale pricing by getting in touch with an account manager.

More than just domains

The API allows you to manage DNS, URL forwarding, Whois Privacy, Nameservers, Auto-billing, and more.

Dedicated support

Our account manager and our customer support team are ready to assist with any questions or concerns you have about the API and domain reselling.

Easy-to-follow API documentation with examples

Our API documentation shows the exact request you should expect to send and receive for each API call.

curl -u 'username:token' ''
  "records": [
      "id": 12345,
      "domainName": "",
      "host": "www",
      "type": "A",
      "answer": "",
      "ttl": 300

“ was one of the few DNS providers that had a robust and solid REST API for resellers to automate [domain registration].”

- Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify

Is’s API right for you?

Our fully RESTful API is ideal for managing domains, DNS records, email forwarding, and more. Use it to integrate's backend system with your own website for reseller purposes or just added convenience. And now, you can skip the extensive sign up and application process and enjoy instant access to our most powerful API system yet.

If you’re thinking about using our API for reseller purposes, there are several criteria you need to meet. You’ll need following abilities to successfully use the API:

  • Create JSON requests and parse responses via HTTP POST and GET.
  • Billing mechanism for your customers, if needed.
  • Track product and domain creates and map those to your customers.

Questions about the API or domain reselling?

How to start reselling using the API


Get your production and test environment API tokens.


Start coding against the API using our documentation. Use the test environment to test your code.


Plan your launch. Select margins for the domains you are selling and determine how it will work with your new or existing website flow.


Work with an account manager for custom pricing. Our high-volume sellers can work with our team to establish wholesale pricing on some of our best domains.

Check out our API documentation here: API Documentation