15 blog posts you should definitely read before 2017

15 blog posts you should definitely read before 2017 header image

Want to start 2017 more website savvy than ever before? We’ve pulled together some of our most-read articles of the year to get you up to speed. From tips on optimizing your Instagram profile to tutorials on creating an online portfolio, here are our top picks.

If you want to know more about New Domains, read:

Why you should ditch QR codes for New Domains

How to switch to a New Domain without ruining your SEO

5 New Domains perfect for eCommerce

If you’re interested in website tips and tricks, read:

7 helpful resources for website beginners

Use this trick for a free business email

How to create a website if you can’t code

If you’d like to establish your personal brand online, read:

How a powerful online presence can help freelancers win more jobs

How to create an online portfolio

Securing a great domain space as a legal professional

If you want to get smarter with social media, read:

Optimize your Instagram profile link with URL forwarding

How to set up a branded short URL with Buffer

5 social media tools to add to your arsenal

If you’d like a dose of Name.com culture and humor, read:

Beer drama on a Friday afternoon

Office kitchen justice is best served cold

The Name office transmogrified into Hogwarts for a day and it was magical

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