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1gb Memory

1 vCPU

1000gb Transfer

25gb SSD

Backups: +$2.00/mo

$12.00 /mo

2gb Memory

1 vCPU

2tb Transfer

50gb SSD

Backups: +$4.00/mo

$18.00 /mo

2gb Memory

2 vCPUs

3tb Transfer

60gb SSD

Backups: +$6.00/mo

$24.00 /mo

4gb Memory

2 vCPUs

4tb Transfer

80gb SSD

Backups: +$8.00/mo

$48.00 /mo

8gb Memory

4 vCPUs

5tb Transfer

160gb SSD

Backups: +$16.00/mo

$96.00 /mo

16gb Memory

8 vCPUs

6tb Transfer

320gb SSD

Backups: +$32.00/mo

The best cloud hosting

Manage all the building blocks of your project behind one login—cloud hosting, domains, SSL, and more.

Seamless integration with your domains

Create, manage, and destroy Droplets and manage domain settings from one seamless interface.

Everything in one place

Manage all the building blocks of your project behind one login—cloud hosting, domains, SSL, and more.







DigitalOcean Basic Droplets

Features and specs

1-Clicks & Distributions

Quickly deploy WordPress, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS.

Global Data Centers

Launch your Droplet from data centers around the world.

Easy Upgrades

Ready to scale up? You can upgrade your Droplet with more memory and disk space at any time.

Test & Iterate

Basic Droplets are perfect for simple applications like test environments, websites, blogs, and small databases.

Best-in-class Speed

Cloud Spectator determined that DigitalOcean powered by the 2nd gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors has better CPU performance per dollar than Amazon Web Services and Google.

Backup & Restore

Add backups to your Droplet to create backups on a schedule or on-demand, making it easy to revert to previous versions.

Cloud Hosting FAQ

What is cloud hosting?

Instead of using a single server, cloud hosting utilizes a network of servers to create a more flexible and reliable hosting experience. Cloud hosting at is powered by linux-based virtual machines from DigitalOcean.

Is cloud hosting right for me?

Cloud hosting is best suited to systems administrators, web developers, or anyone with the technical know-how for server management. If you are a novice user or are looking for a lower maintenance hosting solution, checkout our hosting comparison chart to see alternative options.

What DigitalOcean services does support? currently supports basic shared DigitalOcean Droplets. We do not support block storage add-ons, dedicated CPUs, or kubernetes at this time.

How is this different from a VPS or dedicated hosting solution?

Dedicated hosting solutions are on a single private server, while VPS(Virtual Private Server) and cloud hosting are on shared resources. Unlike dedicated hosting or VPS, cloud hosting is distributed across multiple servers at once. Among these three hosting solutions, cloud hosting has the highest level of flexibility at competitive prices.

Is this a managed or self-managed solution?

Cloud hosting at is a self-managed solution. You have the freedom to configure your virtual machine and have full control over administration. A base-level understanding of linux and command line is crucial to take advantage of this self-managed hosting solution.

Which distributions are supported?

We support Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS.

Where are the data-centers located?

DigitalOcean provides data-centers in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Frankfurt, London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Toronto. Availability can vary depending on day and the size of the virtual machine.

Are backups included?

Backups can be added to your cloud hosting plan at checkout or anytime after purchase. These backups can be automated weekly or taken on-demand, with up to three retained at any given time.