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Choose from over 500 professionally-designed templates for any industry, then use an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create a website in minutes. Add-on as needed from Wix’s suite of built-in digital tools to help grow your business.

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Wix plans include a free domain name, unlimited pages, and 24/7 support from the Wix customer care team.

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Your favorite products, all in one place. is the place for managing all of your website projects. There’s no need to juggle a dozen platforms and logins. You can have your domains, Wix, Google Workspace, Titan email, and more, all under one roof.

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What do you get with Wix?

With Wix you get everything you need to build your business presence online on a platform backed by industry-leading infrastructure to ensure security, performance, and reliability.

Customizable sites

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize anything. Wix has hundreds of templates, including designs for specific industries.

Fast & Secure

Wix designed its platform with reliability and scale in mind. As your web traffic grows, Wix continuously optimizes for high performance.

Editable mobile view

Wix templates are optimized for mobile, and you can switch between mobile and desktop editors. Your site will look great on all devices.

SEO toolkit

Answer a few questions about your website, location, and keywords and get a personalized SEO plan.

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Wix FAQs

Learn which plan is best for you.
The Wix Editor and Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) makes it very easy to build a website. The Wix platform includes more than 500 professionally-designed templates, including templates for specific jobs and industries. You can choose a template, add content, and easily rearrange your content with the drag-and-drop interface.
Do I need to know how to code to build my website?
Building a website with Wix requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. The Wix Editor is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that allows you to arrange content, add pages, and structure your site without ever needing to access the code editor. Knowing how to code can help you add a few custom elements to your site, but Wix is designed to work for everyone, from web design experts to beginners.
Do I need to hire a developer to create my site?
The Wix site builder makes it easy to create a website yourself. You don’t have to know how to code or be a seasoned web designer to build your site—Wix’s templated site designs and intuitive editor allow you to build a professional website all on your own.
Do I need to purchase a hosting plan with Wix?
Hosting is included with the Wix platform. Wix is built to scale with your business, so you’ll never need to worry about bandwidth to support your traffic. Wix sites have storage limits for files like videos and images, but you can always upgrade to a plan with more storage.
Do I need an SSL certificate with Wix? Will my Wix site be secure?
Security protection is included with your Wix plan. Every site includes enterprise-quality security features, including an automatically-installed SSL certificate. Wix has a team of dedicated experts who detect and respond to security matters, so you can rest assured that your site, and your website visitors, are protected.
How do I get a free domain with Wix?
When you add a yearly Wix plan to your cart, you’ll be prompted to search for a domain name. If you add a domain, it will automatically be free when you reach checkout. You can also opt to receive a promo code with $20 USD credit for a domain name if you aren’t ready to choose a domain yet. Just use the promo code at checkout if you register a domain at a later date.
How do I get free Google Workspace with Wix?
Before you add a Wix plan to your shopping cart, make sure the checkbox next to “Add Google Workspace free for one year” is selected. One Google Workspace Business Starter license will be added to your cart for checkout. A free plan of Google Workspace is only available with a yearly Wix plan.
How do I create a mobile version of my Wix website?
The Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), Wix Editor, and Wix templates are designed to be mobile friendly, so the changes you make to the desktop version will automatically apply to your mobile site. You can also use the Wix standard editor and Wix ADI to make specific changes to your mobile version.
How do I build a free website?
You can add a free Wix website to cart from this page, or from order confirmation after completing a purchase. Building a Wix free website is a great way to get started on your business website and familiarize yourself with the platform before committing to a paid plan. You can upgrade your free site to a paid plan at any time, which unlocks premium features like custom domains, removal of Wix ads from your site, and increased storage.
Can I use a free Wix website to build an online store?
eCommerce, payment processing, recurring payments, and subscription management are available when you upgrade from a free Wix website to a Business plan. Upgrading also removes Wix ads from your site, increases your storage, allows you to use a custom domain, and unlocks many other Business features.
Can I use a custom domain with a free website?
You must upgrade to a paid Wix plan in order to use a custom domain with your Wix website. Upgrading also allows you to access Google Analytics for your site, removes Wix ads, and unlocks a host of valuable features.
How do I get my website found on Google?
Wix makes it simple to get your website found on Google. With Wix SEO Wiz, answer a few questions about your site, location and keywords and get a personalized SEO plan to get found online.
How many users do I get with free Google Workspace on Wix yearly plans?
The first user is free! You can add as many users as you want for an additional per user cost.
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