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We’re, and we’re here to help you get your ideas online with a domain name and a website. We work and play in Denver, Colorado, and our company was founded in 2003. Scroll down to learn a little more about the people who answer your customer support calls, keep you informed about domains, and work to make the best domain registrar in the business.

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Customer Support

Cedar Diegel | Manager, Customer Support

Cedar Diegel

Manager, Customer Support

I manage our awesome customer support team. I work to ensure an excellent customer experience, by focusing on the implementation of new resources and improvements to existing processes.

How I play
Always striving to maintain the status of Rad Dad. Having fun with family always tops the list. Honorable mentions include snowboarding, volleyball, and hiking around the amazing Colorado mountains. Oh, and trivia. I love to new learn new stuff, and challenge this aging brain.

Secret revealed
I catch myself singing songs from Frozen in the shower. (hangs head)

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Amanda Mitchell | Customer Support Representative

Amanda Mitchell

Customer Support Representative

Helping customers adapt to this ever-changing industry.

How I play
Netflix & chill + red wine.

Secret revealed
I went on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios when I was 4 and I've been petrified of sharks ever since. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Ariel Gullberg | Customer Support Representative

Ariel Gullberg

Customer Support Representative

I am a magical unicorn of customer service- Poofing problems into glittery solutions.

How I play
I am a live music fanatic! I see close to 100 shows a year from HipHop to Bluegrass.

Secret revealed
I hate Oreos

Bernice Gutierrez | Customer Support Representative

Bernice Gutierrez

Customer Support Representative

I’m an all mighty customer service representative.

How I play
I’m an artist at heart and enjoy painting, and drawing in my spare time. I have a wonderful husband, dog, and 2 furry cats. I absolutely love music which varies from jazz, indie/post rock, to post metal. If it doesn’t involve art or music you can find me outdoors or at the gym!

Secret revealed
I’m terrified of large birds and I’m not talking about Big Bird!

Dominic Dominguez | Customer Support Representative

Dominic Dominguez

Customer Support Representative

Help assist customers resolve various issues while delivering optimal customer service!

How I play
Night Owl/Gamer

Secret revealed
I can solve a rubix cube in 48 seconds

Henrik Kronstrom | Customer Support Representative

Henrik Kronstrom

Customer Support Representative

Problem–solving and troubleshooting never gets old and I love new challenges and the learning that comes along with it.

How I play
When I’m not spending time in front of a computer screen, I like to be outside as much as I can. I love hiking, skiing, cross–country skiing, running, exploring national parks, etc., etc. I also like traveling and hope to someday have set foot on every continent.

Secret revealed
I have never had a corn–dog …ever.

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Jacob Eustice | Customer Support Representative

Jacob Eustice

Customer Support Representative

I help to connect customers with domain names and products to build a strong online presence.

How I play

Secret revealed
In fifth grade, I knocked my sister Edie down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog...

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Jillian Robinson | Customer Support Representative

Jillian Robinson

Customer Support Representative

Assist and provide support while making small talk about the weather anything but cliche.

How I play
I love those punching bag machines at bars. During a contest, I got the high score and won a hundred bucks. I bought my friends a round of drinks, but nobody would dance with me for the rest of the night. C'est la vie.

Secret revealed
The genetics of my bite have contributed to braces for ten and a half years complete with springs, two quad helixes, and an eleven hour jaw surgery that left me with a plate and 50 screws in my face. Thumbs up ancestors.

Jonny Hinojos | Customer Support Representative

Jonny Hinojos

Customer Support Representative

Providing the most legendary support in the universe.

How I play
I love music and sound engineering <3

Secret revealed
I have a tattoo of my rescued Pomeranian.

Theodore Beaufays | Customer Support Representative

Theodore Beaufays

Customer Support Representative

I take your problems and glitches and turn them into learning opportunities for both you, the customer, and us, the company, while delivering legendary customer service.

How I play
I love to stay active and enjoy every bit of the outdoors but I especially love to cook for friends and dogs. I will always play with your dog... Need a dog sitter?

Secret revealed
I love cats.

Kristen Pierson | Office Manager

Kristen Pierson

Office Manager

I take care of the people of so they can put all their energy into taking care of you.

How I play
I can always be found behind a camera

Secret revealed
I have a scar on my forehead from when Voldemort killed my parents.

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Dave McBreen | Sr. Director, Software Engineering

Dave McBreen

Sr. Director, Software Engineering

I manage the software and systems engineering teams at I help plan out new project implementations, guide the development process, and get some coding done whenever possible.

How I play
I love the outdoors and camping, I'm a big movie buff, and I enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

Secret revealed
I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle when I grew up.

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Jason Smith | Software Engineer

Jason Smith

Software Engineer

I concentrate mostly on backend development, but I enjoy frontend work as well.

How I play
Not only do I brew my own beer, I drink it! I also enjoy cooking and eating good food, watching movies, and hiking 14ers.

Secret revealed
I moonlight as a physicist!

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Pat Ramsey | Software Engineer

Pat Ramsey

Software Engineer

I write code that helps customers acquire and manage their domain names here at Most of the code that I write is never seen by customers but hopefully its effects are felt. Recently, have been heavily involved the launch process for the new TLDs including competing with other registrars for a new domain name when they first become available, as well as complaining about specific registry implementations. I also help stock the kegerator.

How I play
Well with others, probably outside on a mountain covered in snow.

Secret revealed
I am significantly better at N64 Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart, than the wii versions.

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Pat Moroney | Software Engineer

Pat Moroney

Software Engineer

I write many of the processes that are hidden from view but keep everything running smoothly. I also have the unenviable job of dealing with the accounting system and the enviable job of managing the kegerator.

How I play
Usually Skiing and Hiking, but not lately or in the near future as I have a son who is not yet a year and a half and a daughter on the way. So most of my recent playing is answering "What’s that?", finding new buttons and switches for my son to press, and tickling. Luckily it is still very satisfying.

Secret revealed
Now that I have a baby, I only have time to listen to audiobooks. That means the only books I actually read are the children’s books I read to my son when I put him to bed.

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Nick Salvadore | Software Engineer

Nick Salvadore

Software Engineer

I make the cool things that Jon and Kyle think up actually work. I also break things to keep Moroney busy.

How I play
I have two kiddos, so I’m usually playing with trucks or trains or pushing somebody on the swings. I also like losing money in the stock market.

Secret revealed
I’ve had Bell’s Palsy twice, which is two times too many.

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Helen Shine | Software Engineer

Helen Shine

Software Engineer

I help write, extend, and enhance our code base. It’s more fun than it sounds.

How I play
I love exploring Colorado’s amazing trails, traveling abroad, getting lost, pedaling and roaming.

Secret revealed
I’m a crazy cat lady without a cat.

Chris Gaston | Sr. Systems Engineer

Chris Gaston

Sr. Systems Engineer

Technical definition = charged with installing, supporting and maintaining servers, networks or other computer systems. Planning for and responding to service outages, hardware/software troubleshooting, computer security, and other problems. My definition = IT Ninja.

How I play
Hanging with family and friends. Non–stop video game marathons on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and retro game consoles. Watching WAY too much TV, especially Sci–Fi. I also like a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, and white water rafting.

Secret revealed
I like potatoes.

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Domain Operations

Scott McBreen | Sr. Manager, Search

Scott McBreen

Sr. Manager, Search

I focus on domain name operations, marketing, and monetization across both legacy and new top level domains. This position allows me utilize metrics to understand the value of domains, and develop relationships with partners that increase the availability of domains to our customers. This allows our customers to find the domain that is perfectly suited to their needs.

How I play
I enjoy camping and hiking when I have a chance to make it to the mountains, commuting by bike, and working in my gardens. I am also a new father, which keeps me very busy.

Secret revealed
I cannot swaddle a baby to save my life.

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Nate Gillespe | Sr. Business Analyst

Nate Gillespe

Sr. Business Analyst

I use data to answer questions. I try to find patterns in our data that we can repeat(or not), and I try to help others visualize our data as well.

How I play
I play hockey, ski, and golf...sometimes all in the same day. We can do that in Colorado.

Secret revealed
I hate onions.


Shannon Brown | Director, Product & Project

Shannon Brown

Director, Product & Project

I’m the Product Owner, which means I spend my time trying to create the best user experience for our awesome customers! I make the decisions other people don’t want to make, oversee the projects that need some TLC, provide insight and history (and data) to the masses, and attend ALL THE MEETINGS! Oh, and I manage some pretty awesome humans too.

How I play
I love to cook, hike, camp, engage in lengthy intellectual conversations, see live music, and play fetch with my dog. I’m also really into beer and have my very own kegerator at home.

Secret revealed
I don’t ski. Deal with it.

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Nic Steinbach | Strategic Relationship Manager

Nic Steinbach

Strategic Relationship Manager

I help our partners find effective and innovative ways to strategically leverage Rightside’s retail registrars, manage the new TLD process from start to finish at and work with the product team to ensure that the former two are executed in such a way that is not only beneficial to our partners, but also relevant to our customers.

How I play
I have skied at least one day a month of the past 54 months and counting. I also like to cycle and read way too much science fiction.

Secret revealed
I let Shannon win in Catan.

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Kyle Robbins | UI Engineer

Kyle Robbins

UI Engineer

Making the world pretty, one website at a time.

How I play
Illustrating, drawing and painting all things that inspire me. When I’m not huddled over a computer screen, I escape into the mountains for hikes and wandering adventures with the forest creatures.

Secret revealed
2/3 of my soul was viciously stolen by my triplet brothers.

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Jon Liu | UI Engineer

Jon Liu

UI Engineer

I am responsible for building the user interface so the site is friendly and easy to use.

How I play
I love to play ice hockey, build things in my garage, and explore Colorado.

Secret revealed
I tell everyone the huge scar on my head was the result of a bar fight in Mexico, but actually I just fell over when I was a baby.

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Angela Daniels | Product Manager

Angela Daniels

Product Manager

I am lucky enough to get to work with our amazing UI, dev, marketing, and support teams on a daily basis. I straddle the line between data analysis and creativity, working to ensure we offer customers the best possible experience.

How I play
When I’m not at work you can find me running a 5k, playing Settlers of Catan with friends, watching bad horror movies, doing some hobby 3D printing, or playing with my pug named Boo!

Secret revealed
I can sing the alphabet backwards.

John Rupp | Product Manager

John Rupp

Product Manager

I work with our partners who provide services on our site, such as domain brokers and SSL providers, to insure that the customer experience when purchasing these products is the best it can be.

How I play
I love to travel, mountain bike, ski, hike, and go camping. I also enjoy cooking, drinking good beer and wine and spending time with friends and family.

Secret revealed

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Ashley Forker | Director, Marketing

Ashley Forker

Director, Marketing

All things marketing from promotions to products and everything in between. I also helped in making as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. My biggest claim to fame however is making sure everyone who wants a beer has one come Friday afternoons.

How I play
I ski, hike, run, and do yoga. I also love to cook, eat, drink and be merry.

Secret revealed
The best way to my heart is through my stomach.

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Jared Ewy | Social Media Specialist

Jared Ewy

Social Media Specialist

I don’t know what that means either. Honestly, the definition is still under construction, as the avenues for specializing keep growing. I guess it’s a little like a carnival barker, but with Twitter.

How I play
There was a time when I’d say something like, "Mountain biking and PBR!" but now I have children, so now most of the time I’m fending off lasers from two delusional boys who think their underwear gives them superpowers (ages 19 and 23, so really very sad. Just kidding, 2 and 4).

Secret revealed
I’ve been hit by lightning.

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Ethan Conley | Content Manager

Ethan Conley

Content Manager

I run the blog, write copy for our website and emails, and do a little coding and design here and there.

How I play
It’s always something involving music, whether it’s playing guitar, visiting the local record stores, or seeing a live show.

Secret revealed
I have a metal plate in my head. It doesn’t improve radio reception or set off metal detectors, but it’s a cool story nonetheless!

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Allison Chowdhury | Copywriter

Allison Chowdhury


I write most of the posts on the blog. From creating tutorials to sharing promo codes, I work to make the blog a great resource for anyone who wants to create a successful online presence. I also write some of the copy you see on the website.

How I play
I spend most of my time reading, cooking, baking, and DIYing. I also enjoy trying out new restaurants and exploring everything Colorado has to offer.

Secret revealed
I was a huge Lord of the Rings nerd in middle school. I read all the books, learned how to write in dwarven runes, and I can still recite the entirety of "Farewell We Call to Hearth and Hall." #thuglife

Compliance and Abuse

Ryan Clarey | Manager, Compliance

Ryan Clarey

Manager, Compliance

I am the Manager of Compliance and Abuse at This means I responsible for reviewing and following up with any abuse / legal orientated cases that involve domains registered by our customers. Cases that my team is responsible for include (but are not limited to) Phishing / Malware complaints, domain disputes, Whois Data Problem Reports, cease and desist notifications and even hijacked domains!

How I play
My beautiful wife and I absolutely love Denver. We never take this magnificent state of Colorado for granted. We love to ski, hike, camp, sky dive, 4 wheel off road, play video games, volunteer for Special Olympics, watch college football GO CLEMSON!!!, bake for our friends, practice Yoga, and hang with our nephews and nieces whenever we get the chance.

Secret revealed
I make my own Beef Jerky!

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Erik Kinney | Compliance Officer

Erik Kinney

Compliance Officer

I look for and stop fraud on our site. Be it fraudulent payments or sites looking to phish or distribute malware, I work to keep our customers and the internet safe and secure from anyone looking to do harm.

How I play
I read modern and postmodern fiction to a degree that I should be given an honorary doctorate. I pretty much worship James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Thomas Pynchon and only slightly judge you if you don’t know who those people are. I also play volleyball and snowboard and care about professional baseball as if I were being paid to play it.

Secret revealed
I am the preeminent Fast and the Furious Scholar west of the Mississippi.

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Lobo | Lead Dog


Lead Dog

I am a dog. My owner is Chris G.

How I play
I enjoy Pitfall on the Atari 2600 and walks on the beach.

Secret revealed
I once ate my own poop.

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Pixie | Bat Dog


Bat Dog

I am a dog. My owner is Jon L.

How I play
Laying around on the floor like a pretty useless dog.

Secret revealed
When it’s cold outside, I sneak down and poop in the basement.

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Nelly | Nervous Dog


Nervous Dog

I am a dog. My owner is Nick S.

How I play
Pretending not to be scared of everything but I really am.

Secret revealed
I love to take long walks on the beach and poop in the sand.

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Paco | Smiling Dog


Smiling Dog

I am a dog. My owner is Jared E.

How I play
I enjoy taking my owner on long walks and watching him play in the park. I cannot stop smiling.

Secret revealed
I have never pooped on the office floor.

Learn more about Paco

Sammy | Number One Winker


Number One Winker

Hello ladies, my nickname is winky and my owner is Ryan C.

How I play
I like a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by a walk in the park.

Secret revealed
It’s my dream to backpack across Europe, and poop in France.

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Boo | Wonder Pug


Wonder Pug

I am a dog. My owner is Angela D.

How I play
I love my stuffed dragon toy, food, and snorting

Secret revealed
I enjoy eating cat poop, but I once ate dog poop and threw it up and then tried to eat it.

Learn more about Boo

Willow | Uptight Dog


Uptight Dog

I am a dog. My owner is Shannon B.

How I play
I will play fetch until I am literally amazeballs dead tired.

Secret revealed
Don’t scare me or I will totes pee on your rug.

Learn more about Willow

Phalen | Giant Dog


Giant Dog

I am a, dog. My owner is Pat M.

How I play
Sometimes I forget that I am the size of a small horse and my poop is bigger than Boo.

Secret revealed
I’m so big that I can eat cookies off the top of the fridge.

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- Jake

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- Rod

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