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Adding domains to your hosting plan
As long as you do not have the Startup Plan, you can follow the instructions below to add additional domain names to... more

Changing your hosting/cPanel password
You can change your hosting/cPanel password from the Hosting Services page of your account... more

Renewing web hosting
To renew your hosting account, please follow the instructions below... more

Installing WordPress
WordPress is an extremely popular, and free, website builder that allows even novice users to create a great looking... more

Renewing a SSL Certificate
A SSL certificate can only be renewed within 30 days of its expiration date. If the SSL certificate does not expire... more

Setting up hosting for an existing domain
When you purchase a hosting package with us, you are given the option for a free domain name. If you add a name to... more

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How to find your Administrative Email Address
In order for us to properly assist you, please provide as specific detail as possible regarding your inquiry.


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Primary Domain
File uploads must be in an accepted image file format (.JPEG, .PNG, etc.) and cannot exceed 8MB

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DMCA Complaint
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that heightens the penalties for copyright infringement... more

Stolen Domain
If your domain has transferred from your current Registrar to without your permission, please provide us with... more

Report Abuse Form works hard to ensure that all domains registered through us are complying with our Registration Agreement. In order to quickly and efficiently investigate this complaint, please fill out the form below or email us at Please note that while we are happy to review any claim that a domain is violating our Registration Agreement, we do reserve the right to judge the appropriate response in our sole discretion.

File uploads must be in an accepted image file format (.JPEG, .PNG, etc.) and cannot exceed 10MB

*For abuse reports by law enforcement, consumer protection, quasi-governmental or other similar authorities, please email or call 720-249-2374.

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Refund not showing up on bank statement
Once process a refund for a customer, it can take a few business days for your bank or credit card provider to process the funds and return them to you... more's refund policy
We understand that sometimes things happen and a product you bought might not be exactly what you need. We always want you to be happy... more

Refund Request Form



Providing this information will help us review and process your refund request faster.

Please specify which domains/products you would like refunded. If your order contains multiple domains/products, please specify which (if any) you would like to keep.
File uploads must be in an accepted image file format (.JPEG, .PNG, etc.) and cannot exceed 8MB

IMPORTANT: In order to process this refund, we have to delete the domain or product and all of its content from our database. The request must be sent from the owner of the domain or owner of the account. We cannot cancel if it is has been more than the maximum refund period allowed (Go to refund policy).

Please note that once a domain is deleted it can be restored back to your account for a period of 30 days. We would however require a restoration fee in the amount of $120 plus the renewal fee. This includes a one year renewal for the domain.

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