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All prices include ICANN fee: .COM $8.25, .NET $8.25, .ORG $8.99.

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For a smooth transfer, check out these important tips:

The domain name has NOT been newly registered in the past 60 days.

The domain is unlocked.

Make sure the domain is eligible for transfer from your current registrar

We send emails to the administrative contact as listed in the domain's WHOIS. Make sure that's you! Check here.

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Transfer pricing

No hidden fees! All prices include ICANN fee

TLD Cost
.COM $8.25
.NET $8.25
.ORG $8.99
.CO $22.99
.US $7.99
.IN $7.99
.ME $14.99
.WS $19.99
.ASIA $16.99
.TEL $9.99
.IM $9.99
.BE $9.99
.CA $12.99
.TL $79.99
.IO $59.99
TLD Cost
.HN $138.00
.XXX $74.99
.DK $32.99
.SO $14.49
.MX $44.99
.EU $9.99
.GY $47.99
.PRO $14.99
.AG $89.00
.VC $39.00
.MN $55.00
.JOBS $99.00
.UK.NET $39.99
.GS $55.00
TLD Cost
.AR.COM $29.99
.CN.COM $39.99
.EU.COM $29.99
.GR.COM $29.99
.JPN.COM $39.99
.NO.COM $39.99
.RU.COM $39.99
.SA.COM $39.99
.SE.COM $39.99
UK.COM $39.99
.US.COM $29.99
.UY.COM $39.99
.ZA.COM $39.99
.CX $79.99
TLD Cost
.QC.COM $29.99
.KR.COM $29.99
.HU.COM $39.99
.GB.COM $39.99
.DE.COM $39.99
.BR.COM $39.99
.COM.CO $15.99
.COM.MX $18.99
.SE.NET $39.99
.LA $39.00
.TRAVEL $99.00
.BZ $25.00
.BIZ $9.99
.PW $7.99
TLD Cost
.IND.IN $6.99
.ORG.IN $6.99
.GEN.IN $6.99
.FIRM.IN $7.99
.NET.IN $6.99
.SC $85.00
.TV $26.99
.CC $35.00
.CO.IN $6.99
.MOBI $14.99
.NAME $8.99
.INFO $8.99
.CM $149.00

Domain transfer FAQs

To initiate the transfer of your domain name you will need to obtain the authorization code from your current registrar. These codes may be called secret code, epp code, or auth code. They act as a password and are unique to the domain name.

Some registrars will also deny your transfer if you have changed your account details within the past 60 days as well. If you are unsure about the status of your domain, check with your current registrar.

A locked status, also called a registrar-lock, means that your domain name is locked and may not be transferred until you manually unlock it. Make sure that you have unlocked the domain name before you try to transfer it.

Some registrars offer locks as an option, but some will automatically lock your domain names after you have registered or transferred them. A good way to verify the status of your domain name is to perform a WHOIS search on the name. Look for the line called 'Registrar Status'. If the status line says 'OK', that domain is ready for transfer.

We are always here to help. You can visit our knowledge base, email us, or call us at 720.249.2374

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