Domain Extensions

Did you know that there are other domain extensions besides .com, .net, and .org? Many people are surprised to find out about all the other extensions that are available to be registered. Some domain extensions are dedicated to specific purposes, like .MOBI, for mobile websites. Other extensions are dedicated to specific industries like .TRAVEL, for the travel industry or .JOBS for HR departments in companies.

Beyond these "generic" top level domains (gTLDs) there are also country code top level domains (ccTLDs) to represent specific countries, like .IN for India or .JP for Japan. Some ccTLDs have restrictions on them, but many can be registered by anyone in the world. Some ccTLDs have been repurposed to be used more generically, like .TV which is the extension for the country Tuvalu. Yes, there is actually a Tuvalu, we aren't kidding with you. This extension has been repurposed to represent websites that feature video (or TV style) media.

Generic top level domain (gtld) extensions

These top level domains are meant to be "general purpose domains" and are not generally associated with a particular country. Typically these domains can be registered by anyone, however a few extensions are considered "restricted" which means that a specific group of people are eligible to register then, but are not directly tied to a specific country. Click on the links for more information about each extension.

Country code top level domain (cctld) extensions

These extensions are based on specific countries. Some of these domains require residency or a presence in the country of the extension, but several have few restrictions on who can register them. Some extensions like .TV, .ME, .CC and .WS are open for anyone to register and have been repurposed for more general use even though they are country specific extensions. Click on the links below for more information about each extension.