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.INFO - Information, please!


The internet is all about information. Gaining it, sharing it, and absorbing it. Then what better extension to purchase than .INFO? If you are looking to inform the public about your company, buying a .INFO domain could be the next integral step in growing your business.

Why buy a .info domain?

  • .INFO is a long-standing domain that people trust and respect

  • .INFO is primarily intended to be an informational domain

  • By adding a .INFO to you domain extensions, you’re proclaiming that you and your company have a lot of information to share

There are no restrictions for registering .INFO domain names

Anyone can register a .INFO domain. Just as there are no restrictions for information and it can vary from extreme to extreme, there are no guidelines as to what a .INFO website may or may not include. You can feel free to blog and share your story on a .INFO, or use your domain names as a way to share information about yourself or your business with the world.

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