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We do everything we can to provide the best domain name services, hosting, and customer support in the business.
We try hard to make it fast, easy, and affordable to buy domain names.

Some really nice things a few of our customers said:

"Sincere thanks to all who make doing business easy and amicable, especially the super accessible & helpful @namedotcom"

Nora Firestone

"Is it only me or does everybody else love Name.com infinitely?"

Rezki El Mokaddam

"Let's face it, entrepreneurs make experiments.  We get domain names when a strategy is developing, then later let it go when life flows a different direction.

I really appreciate how Name.com provides straight-forward ways to get domains and also to let them lapse - when the time is right.  This makes me more willing to sign up for a domain I might use.  Your system is clear and efficient.

So, thanks.  Nice doing business with you."

John Barbuto, MD (Neurology)
Neuroscience for Business

"GoDaddy Got You Down? Here Are 5 Alternatives (they list 5 but really there is only 1 needed @namedotcom)"

T.J. Loftus

"@namedotcom Just had the best, speediest customer service experience. You guys rock!"

Amanda M Potter Cole

"I have used Name.com's services since 2011, and I am very glad that I chose them. They are truly professionals in their respective fields.

Thanks to all the staff at Name.com for their execptional services."

Mustafa Salim

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