Why choose Name.com?


We do everything we can to provide the best domain name services, hosting, and customer support in the business.
We try hard to make it fast, easy, and affordable to buy domain names.


"Sincere thanks to all who make doing business easy and amicable, especially the super accessible & helpful @namedotcom"

- Nora F


"Is it only me or does everybody else love Name.com infinitely?"

- Rezki M


"Let's face it, entrepreneurs make experiments. We get domain names when a strategy is developing, then later let it go when life flows a different direction. I really appreciate how Name.com provides straight-forward ways to get domains and also to let them lapse - when the time is right. This makes me more willing to sign up for a domain I might use. Your system is clear and efficient. So, thanks. Nice doing business with you."

- John B, MD (Neurology)


"GoDaddy Got You Down? Here Are 5 Alternatives (they list 5 but really there is only 1 needed @namedotcom)"

- T.J. L


"@namedotcom Just had the best, speediest customer service experience. You guys rock!"

- Amanda M P C


"I have used Name.com's services since 2011, and I am very glad that I chose them. They are truly professionals in their respective fields. Thanks to all the staff at Name.com for their exceptional services."

- Mustafa S


"Quick, easy, personal, funny, and to the point. This is why I love Name.com!"

- Jacob


"Thanks to the menu and dashboard that is easy and user friendly, I can access epp code and speed up the transfer out domain, where other registrar does not provide by default and must request first. once again keep always great job for your customer. two thumbs up for you all. best regards."

- Yusuf


"I really want to take the time to send my appreciation for your time, and patience on the phone! It is greatly appreciated! He is patient, and a good listener, and takes the time to understand what the customer wants! This is a skill that has often been lost in this face-paced world where no-one takes the time, and just wants to "check" the customer off the list, as if the customer is not a real human being, and then often the real essence of the call is lost!
When someone listens, it saves times, aggravation, and gets the job done right! Thank you!"

- Carola


"I have taken the opportunity throughout my project development whenever I had developers block, to crack open a few Firefox tabs and search the web to find any reference to domain registrars, hosting, etc. At every opportunity I came across, I made sure to let any visitors know just how good it feels to register and host with the right company (obviously Name.com).

I wanted to make it clear to anyone reading my feedback that I did not post for financial gain and because of this I did not include any referral links, etc.

Looking over my domain portfolio I realized that if not for Name.com, I would not hold the extensive portfolio I do. It is because your team, and service are so spot on, that I have no hesitation to register domain after domain.

With all that said, THANK YOU for being the team and company you are. "

- Damien


"This is for nobody in particular, well maybe your site designer/admin, but probably your whole team. I just want to say that I love your user interface. Your site continually impresses me with regards to ease of use, functionality, design and uptime. Your domain search is well put together and I look forward to What’s Rupp every Thursday afternoon. I’m glad to be working with you guys and I hope to be using you for many years to come."

- Dan


"I just wanted to let you all at Name.com know how great my experience was signing up for my new domain!

In a nutshell, the namecheap form was broken to the point that it would not accept the required icann information for a .us domain. Since I have a bunch of domains set up with namecheap, it may have been a function of my existing account, but support was unable to help me and basically directed me to research the problem on Neustar's .us domain page..

Other things that impressed me about Name.com:
- slick web site, great ui experience
- supports two factor auth using google authenticator, (not just sms which is what Namecheap uses)
- US based, Denver based!

I plan on moving more domains over to Name.com!"

- David