5 websites doing exact match domains right

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As the Big Brother of the internet, Google plays a huge role in how and if your website is discovered online. Whether someone is actively searching for your business, or just a product or service that matches their needs, the way consumers search should be taken into consideration when choosing a URL. Exact match domains are a great tool for helping you improve your website’s search engine rankings.

But some website owners are taking advantage of New Domains to integrate powerful keywords into their URLs. In fact, there are some sites that have managed to increase their search engine rankings dramatically by using domains that match commonly searched phrases that are relevant to them and their business.

Check out these five examples of exact match domains that are killing it with search engine ranking.


The Law Offices of Eric S. Block, PLLC took advantage of what they knew was a popular search term and decided to use the domain name jacksonville.attorney as their primary URL. When the phrase “jacksonville attorney” is searched, their website is the first non-paid result that comes up. 


Coffee.club is the third organic search result to show up when the term “coffee club” is entered in Google. The business, which is called Coffee Club, benefitted from not only having a domain that matches their company name, but also one that explains their product and service.


This London-based company created a domain full of keywords that were likely to be searched by someone who was interested in taking advantage of their services. Search for something along the lines of “hire ferrari london,” and the company ranks second in organic, non-paid rankings.


This website is the number one result when you search for “psychology tools” on Google. And even more impressive? It ranks higher than the competing site psychology-tools.com.


This website currently ranks fourth in search results for “wyoming fish.” Even though the actual business name is Teton Fishing Co. LLC, they were able to increase their organic search rankings simply by creating a URL that uses keywords that relate to what they do.