A recap of our holiday party as told through photographs

A recap of our holiday party as told through photographs header image

Our holiday party this weekend and it went about as well as one could expect. (Just kidding, it was actually really fun!) Here’s a recap of what went down, as told through photos.

Outfits were coordinated

It was a little epic.

matching suits at the holiday party

The following awards were given to a few very lucky Namers

Kristen won the “name.comie” for Best Performance in a YouTube Video for her role in “Transfer Things,” Kyle won the title of Best Office Botanist, Helen was awarded for being Least Likely to Be a Jerk, and the role of The Worst was passed on from John to Nic (although this is still up for debate).

name.com awards

We made some very attractive faces

What a bunch of lookers, am I right?

being attractive

 Henrik won the best raffle prize of the night. Again.

He may be our only Swedish employee, but does he really have to win every year? Just look at how smug he looks.

Henrik in his pipe cleaner crown

Which reminds us…

Kristen made us pipecleaner crowns, which were passed around and worn throughout the night. We’re not really sure why it happened, but we’re not complaining.

Angela in her crown

Many crowns

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