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We spent the day with three of Colorado’s top Mom Bloggers (don’t say ‘Mommy’) to share with them the magic of domain names and ended up learning some things ourselves.

First off, those mimosas can really add up. (MOMosas?) You might want to bring your own champagne. Secondly, the things you can do with a domain name are far more satisfying than a visit to a boutique salon. Listen, my fingernails are fabulous and my pores have never felt more, um, porous, but the long-term effects of having an amazing web presence for 10 bucks will free up some cash for even more beauty. Throughout this video I’m talking about a few of the most awesome and FREE benefits to owning the right domain … something that’s easier to get than ever before now that there are more domain names.

Let’s say you have any one of the domains of our intrepid Magellans of Motherhood.

First off, those domains are taken (obviously). But you have a plethora of new options to choose from (Like right now I see is available.)

Secondly (and by secondly I also mean thirdly, fourthly and fifthly), there are a bunch of mostly free and always amazing things you can do with a $10 or $15 domain name.

1. Forwarding your domain to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog, or our website builder. Or anything online really. It’s easy. We forwarded Forwarding.Rocks to so it would be even easier.

2. Using Apps to connect your domain to a massive selection of amazing online tools like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Soundloud, etc. Yeah, you might have Bob-Johnson.Squarespace.Com, but BobsBlog.Rocks is certainly more memorable.

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Who needs hosting? With URL Forwarding and Apps, you connect directly to the web platform of your choice.

3. Sub domains out the hoohaw. This means you can get an unlimited amount of domains that direct to a specific part of your blog. For example, Or This is great for those deep links in your website like about us page or, if you have some employees, a link directly to their ‘about us’ profile. #morale

4. Email forwarding. If you’re branding yourself as a pro then it’s free and easy. You might have Gmail, Hotmail or—gasp—AOL email, but you don’t have to show it. Simply use our forwarding tools to direct, for example, to your current email account. It looks amazing and is much easier for your potential fans to remember.

Beyond the free options there are many more that our accountants would love us to mention.

Google Apps is an ever-evolving machine of online usefulness. You get email and the ability to collaborate on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations anywhere you go. That’s awesome. Also, we have the easy website builder and RapidPress that could be compared to the likes of Wix, Weebly, WordPress, or Squarespace, but it all starts with the right domain.

Think about it: for a dozen bucks a year you’re in business as a Mom Blogger, Dad Blogger, or the next rising star of online commerce. And there’s a chance we’ll take you out shopping to help tell the world about it.

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