Calling all NGOs—your domain name is waiting!

Calling all NGOs—your domain name is waiting! header image

Our friends at the Public Interest Registry (PIR)—who are most commonly known for bringing you the .ORG domain space—have unveiled two more relevant domains for Non-Governmental Organizations. In this post, they explain how .NGO and .ONG can be used and how you can secure these domains for your own website.

Non-Governmental Organizations help to make our world safer, cleaner, and better for everyone. But there has never been an easy way for NGOs to prove their validity in the crowded online world. Until now…

.NGO and .ONG are new domain names available only to genuine Non-Governmental Organizations, brought to you by Public Interest Registry, the operator of the well-recognized .ORG domain names. Millions of non-profit organizations around the world use the .ORG domain name because it is immediately associated with organizations doing good work. However, it is also an open domain, meaning that anyone can register a .ORG domain name, including individuals, teams, and corporations who want to be associated with good works.

In 2015, the .NGO and .ONG domain names were made available specifically for Non-Governmental Organizations as a way to show their unique status in the online world. These new domain names can only be used by organizations who provide documented evidence of their non-profit status via an online validation process at While anyone can register .NGO and .ONG domain names, the names are only activated and available for use after the organization has passed this validation process.

Thousands of non-profits already recognize the importance of using a .NGO or .ONG domain name. It’s an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other organizations and improve their online credibility. Having such a domain name may help to improve their trustworthiness in the eyes of donors and other potential supporters. In addition, after registering their .NGO and .ONG domain names, they have free access to the online community at, where they can create a profile page, collect donations and be included in OnGood’s searchable directory of NGOs.

What does this mean for you? It means that by registering your .NGO and .ONG domain names, you can join those thousands of other NGOs who have staked their claim as validated NGOs … NGOs like URICHT who offer programs for women and children in Uganda, or the JIN climate and sustainability association in the Netherlands. As early adopters of .NGO, they were able to register their ideal domain names, and so can you!

Register your domain today and start the process of sharing your organization’s good works on a validated .NGO domain name.

From now until the end of December, you can register .NGO/.ONG domains for just $6.99. They’re regularly priced at $39.99, so this is a sale you definitely don’t want to miss!

Get your $6.99 .NGO/.ONG