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How is helping the community during the season of giving

It’s easy to be caught up in the bustle of the holidays with gift shopping, vacation preparations, and festive baking projects. But it is also a time to be thankful for what you have and give back to the community if you can. Here at, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be supporting a variety of community organizations this year that are in need of help.

Denver Gives Week |The gift that keeps on giving

At we love seeing people happy. Even if you’re mad, we pride ourselves on turning that angry funk face upside down (pretty sure the frown version of that phrase is trademarked). With Denver Gives Week we got the chance to help with the world’s supply of happy by supporting hundreds of global nonprofits. They converged upon Denver to find out how they can help even more. The Denver Gives logo pretty much says it all.

Show the world your community service isn’t lip service. Get a .GIVES today.

Sure, there are companies and organizations that are perpetually doing good. For charities, foundations, and many non-profit organizations, that’s their purpose—to do good. For them, .GIVES domain names are obviously perfect.

But .GIVES is not only for the Crème de la crème of human goodness. It’s also for those companies selling siding or that have a room full of telemarketers struggling to make friends over the phone. No matter the main focus of your company or industry, you can improve its perception by being a bigger and better part of the community. Companies with .GIVES domains make it easy (and obvious) to show that they care about making positive change in the community.

Can we have your help, please?

This is Part 5 in a series of posts about our #HighFiveGuy adventures at SXSW. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

10,000 High Fives are history. After five days we have reached our goal. There is a pretty moving video below of our final fives with the kids at the Austin Children’s Shelter. Now you can help us finish even bigger and help out some kids. And you can do it from your desk, and without even having to touch Steve (#HighFiveGuy). We’ve set up a page where you can make a donation and add to the $500 we raised. Here’s the link:

If you donate at least $50 we’ll send you a limited edition SXSW T-shirt. Donate at least $10 we’ll get on our social media channels and tell the world how amazing you are.

Let’s do this! If you’re into domains and want to be part of something even bigger, if even for a moment, then let’s join forces and give somebody some hope.

cta-donate joins dotHIV in supporting HIV prevention, treatment, and awareness

The ICANN 47 meeting is being held in Durban, South Africa starting this weekend. Durban is one of the world’s epicenters of HIV infection, with over 40 percent of its adult population living with the HIV virus. dotHIV has focused on the ICANN meeting in Durban as a major fundraising opportunity, and is proud to join in.

dotHIV raised a $20,000 pre-meeting matching pool, and found donors to cover the first $10,000 in donations. Then dotHIV invited the ICANN community to cover the second $10,000, and has stepped to the plate with a $2,500 donation.

The donations and dotHIV’s matched contributions are going toward two awesome organizations:

  • The Blue Roof Wellness Centre: A state-of-the-art care center for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, located on the outskirts of Durban. Blue Roof is a project of Alicia Key’s “Keep a Child Alive” Foundation. KCA is a US-registered charity that supports innovative, community-led HIV-work with a focus on child well-being. As a small, agile organization, they have earned the highest rating from US-based Charity Navigator. 
  • WhizzKids United: Their ‘On the Ball’ curriculum successfully uses soccer as a fun and interactive way to teach 12 -16 year old boys and girls the skills needed to prevent HIV infection, by drawing on each facet of the game and interpreting it into a life skill. The award winning program runs in schools throughout the Durban area, with over 35,000 youth graduates over the last seven years.

For more information on dotHIV’s fundraising program for ICANN 47, click here.

About dotHIV

dotHIV is the applicant behind .HIV, one of the many new TLDs expected to be released in the near future. .HIV will be like a red ribbon for the digital age. Every time you click on a .HIV domain, you’ll be activating a micro-donation. These donations are financed through the sale of .HIV domains. For more information on dotHIV, click here.