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Check out our Embarrassing .FAMILY Photo contest winners!

We had an amazing (and hilarious) turnout for our Embarrassing .FAMILY Photo contest, held in honor of the launch of the .FAMILY domain extension. Although the competition was fierce, three winners stole the show.

Contestants had to track down an embarrassing, awkward, or just plain strange photo of their family and come up with a .FAMILY domain idea that went along with the photograph. The results were as cringeworthy as they were inspiring.

Without further adieu, we present our Embarrassing .FAMILY Photo winners. Customer Rakes in Cash from .COM

There should be a business version of “stop and smell the roses” that goes something like “pause right now and talk to your customers.” Whenever we do we learn a lot, and Adam is no exception. We were excited enough to hear that a namer had won the Verisign .COM domain contest–well, he’s a semifinalist, but he has a check for five grand on the way–yet we were blown away that this is a guy behind the Singing Dogs because, for reals, he plays the saxophone and his dogs sing along. No, really, check out the video above.

It is simply known as THE BIG BET vs Seattle. vs eNom.

Fun loving versus … whatever eNom is.

I know what you’re thinking: “Is this really even a competition?” You might also be thinking, “What in the heck is an eNom?” Good questions. eNom is a domain registrar, kind of like, and we’re both members of the Rightside family. We’re of course located in Denver, and they’re headquartered in the Seattle area.

Given that there’s a fairly significant Denver vs. Seattle football contest on the horizon, we thought we’d take advantage of this fortunate coincidence and place a little bet on the game.

We’ve got a new contest … so now even Seattle fans can win

We don’t want to get too cocky, so here in Denver, we’re doing our best to share our Big Game joy with the entire world. So we created a contest that gives you a great chance to save some money on domains. There are two ways to enter:

Option 1: Use a promo code

When you register a new .COM or .NET domain name between now and kickoff, let us know which team will win by entering either DENVER or Seattle as the promo code during checkout. If the team you pick wins, then we’ll send you a sweet deal for a new $5 COM/NET domain.

Option 2: Put on your dancing shoes

If you’re not into purchasing anything, then you can get your special $5 domain promo code by sending us a video of you doing a celebratory touchdown dance (that somehow expresses your affection for to We’d love to see you dance. We love that we’re in the big dance. It’s happiness all around and we’re happy to have you be a part of it. And now a video that shares much the same information, but gets downright magical at about :32.

The 2nd Annual Dress Up Like a New TLD Halloween Contest

For the second year in a row, put a little twist on Halloween festivities. Instead of wearing costumes with no central theme—because that’s just lazy, folks—we wore costumes that represented New TLDs.

There were many impressive entries in the contest, though none as impressive as John Rupp’s 2012 costume that combined .SKI, .PORN, .MINI, .WANG, and .BEER.

Our winner was Scott McBreen, as .CLOUD. He got $15 to use at Whole Foods, and all the PBR and candy one could consume (though that was more of a prize for the whole office. We’re all winners here.)

new tld cloud

Maybe You’re A Poet and You Don’t Even Know It

Hey Namers!

Have you seen the contest Elliot is running on his blog? Elliot + have teamed up and are offering $250 in account credit for the lucky winner of the poetry contest. The contest kicked off on Valentine’s day and is themed around love and domains (how perfect). Click here to check out Elliot’s blog for the full details but see below for a brief recap:

Write a poem about domain names, and post the poem text to the comments of Elliot’s post on his blog. Then go over to the YouTube channel and post a video response to Elliot’s video in the comments section.

All submissions must be received by Noon EST on Friday, February 18, 2011. Only submissions in video form will be eligible.

Specifics for posting your video response:
1) Visit’s youtube channel to post your video response:
2) Under the video click, ’91View comments, related videos, and more’
3) Click on the comment box, see link to the right of comment box that says, ’91Create a video response’
4) Upload your video (be sure to make it public!)

We’ll be announcing the lucky winner on Monday the 21st. *Helpful Hint: Make us laugh! Looking forward to watching your videos!

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