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New Product: Branded URL Shortener, powered by BL.INK

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest product offering, created with marketers and business owners in mind.

Meet our new Branded URL Shortener, powered by BL.INK, which allows you to share links with your followers over social channels while promoting your business through custom short links.

What’s different about our Branded URL Shortener?

If you have a hand in marketing, you’re likely familiar with link shorteners. These products are ideal for shortening long, unwieldy looking links into something more manageable. However, these links remain confusing and typically lack inherent meaning. A service like might succeed in shortening your link, but the random combination of letters and numbers (e.g.  that it uses to direct traffic is not meaningful and certainly not memorable.

BL.INK, our Branded URL Shortener, creates short links that use real words—they’re automatically generated by pulling context from the link that you are sharing. The result is a memorable, meaningful, customized short link. (e.g. Or, you can purchase a domain name and use that as the basis for your link shortener.

What unique features can users take advantage of?

BL.INK makes life easier. For example, you can change a link’s destination after it has already been shared. This is perfect for correcting mistakes even after a link has been shared, or redirecting a link to a better destination after a one-time event or promotion. And the best part? That process can even be automated.

How can I start using BL.INK?

Setting up your account is quick and easy. We offer several plans for the product (including a free version!) that scale based on the size of your team and the features you need. Once you purchase the product and set up your account, you’ll be transferred over to the BL.INK interface where you can start creating and sharing links right away.

Explore our Branded URL Shortener

February ’18 site updates: Keeping international customers top of mind

We recently received the results of a survey we sent to you, our customers, in the hopes of getting to know you all a little better. While the responses were valuable for a number of reasons, it was also a great reminder that a large segment of our users are located outside of the U.S. So this month, we rolled out a few updates that keep our international customers top of mind.

An easier sign up process leads to more sign ups, who knew?

You know how you occasionally go to a website and they get as clingy as a bad Tinder match who won’t stop texting you after you’ve given them your number?  Yeah, we hate that too.

But here at we think getting all up in your business before we’ve even gotten to know each other is way worse, which is why we made it easier than ever to create a new account.  With no phone numbers or addresses required, all we ask is for your email, a username, a password, and voila—you’re now a certified all-natural organic grass-fed user.

Everything you need to know about domain backorders

*As of October 2016, backorders can only be placed on domains that have a set drop date. 


You have the perfect idea for a domain name. But when you gleefully head to and type it into the search bar, something terrible happens—you find out that someone has already registered your dream domain name, leaving it sadly out of your grasp.

Life is cruel.

But don’t lose hope! Just as new domains are registered every day, existing domains sometimes expire without being renewed by the original owner—leaving it free for you to snatch up the moment it hits the market once more.’s backorder process allows you to place a tentative hold on a domain name that is close to expiration and increase your chances of securing it if it is not renewed by the current owner.

We updated our bulk search—and it’s awesome

If you’ve ever used a bulk search while looking for New Domains, we’re very sorry. Bulk search pages tend to be ugly, confusing, and difficult to navigate. They make you feel like doing this.

throwing computer gif

But we’re excited to say that we’ve spent some time reworking our own bulk search to make it more usable, understandable, and better looking. With its new features and capabilities, you can easily bulk search to your heart’s content (and spare your computer from the anger management issues).