Check out our new navigation

Check out our new navigation header image is getting a bit of a makeover! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out an update that will change our current navigation to a new and improved design.

Wait, what’s this new look you’re talking about?

Right now, the only change to the site will be in the navigation bar. We’ll be going from our old design…

Old navigation

…to this brand new one.

Old navigation

The masterminds behind the new design are our Product Manager Angela and Lead UI/UX Engineer Jon. In this video, they explain what they wanted to accomplish with the change, and what users can look forward to (incidentally, it was filmed on Halloween).

How can I experience the new navigation?

If you’re brand new to, congrats, you’re probably already experiencing our new navigation. But for existing users who want to try it out early, you can do so by clicking the avatar icon on the right side of the website. You’ll be given the option to switch to the new navigation as our default preference.

Fresh new look pop up

If you don’t manually opt into the changes, you’ll be automatically transitioned to the new experience as of Nov. 14, 2018.

The new navigation simplifies the user experience for those who want to manage their domains, browse new products, and contact support. We hope you’ll enjoy the convenience the new setup offers for all of your domain and website needs.