.contact domains are now available

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Today marks the launch of the .contact domain into General Availability, making it easier than ever for individuals and business owners to create an online hub centered around communication.

Why choose a .contact domain?

.contact is the perfect domain for both businesses and individuals. Companies can use a .contact TLD for customer support or lead gen portals, or as the main hub for hiring efforts. It’s also applicable for businesses with a communications focus or for any company whose name ends in “contact.”

The TLD also works perfectly for individuals. Make your personal website with a .contact domain to build an authoritative CTA straight into your URL. The domain also looks right at home on a physical business card in the form of a web or email address.

.contact availability is another of its strong suits. Not only can you enjoy one of the newest namespaces available, but you can also take advantage of the very limited Premium inventory. With fewer than 100 registry-owned Premiums, the opportunities to get short and keyword-rich .contact domains at a low cost are endless.

How to register a .contact domain

.contact domains are available for registration at Name.com at a competitive price. To get yours, visit the .contact page and start your search.