Storytime with The New Dots: The new gTLDs woven into narrative

The other day Nic and Nick, of compliance and web dev, respectively, came up with an idea to use the forthcoming new gTLDs, or The New Dots as we call them, to write a story.The New Dots or new gTLDs

The next morning, Ashley fired off a heart-wrenching piece about her personal life and it set the bar for New Dot narratives.

Read them .Here!

Here’s how it .works…

It doesn’t matter if you’re .gay or .Republican or both, or you’re from a .family of .Irish .Indians all named .Wang and enjoy a .sexy .lifestyle in .Brussels, you’ll find something for .you and your .pets with The New Dots. So grab the .kids and enjoy a .free .holiday as you read these .winners. Better than .pizza? Maybe. Better than .sex? Well, we can guarantee that none of them .sucks.

.WTF? you ask? Go ahead visit The New Dots on the .web, and you’ll be a .fan of the new .art of making a .meme with .domains for your .blog or .website. It’s .fun!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:34 am August 30, 2012
Dot TV

Ashley should get nominated for a pulitzer. Mushkin has a lot of money he should start the new age digital version of the Pulitzer, “The Mushkin”

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:36 pm August 30, 2012

Ashley the inaugural winner of the Mushkin! In lieu of a medal there’s gluten-free toast.