The New Dots: The Next Generation of gTLDs is Here

What up Internet? It’s twenty twelve. If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve thought about that, stop and smell the roses. Seriously, take a look around! I bet you see some people on their smart phones. Probably didn’t see that one coming 10 years ago… it’s funny how new technologies work that way. You didn’t know that you couldn’t live without a smart phone until you had one, broke it, and tried to go back to a paper map, your parent’s dinner recommendations, email on your computer, and most importantly a world without Angry Birds.

These are more than just changes in technology; they are changes in who we are as people. How we communicate, how we do business, how we spend our free time – it all evolves with new technologies and the growth of the Internet. Wouldn’t you have wanted to be in on the iPhone (or even iPods for that matter) before they hit the masses? Be the early adopter that brought your friends up to speed? Well lucky for you we’re on the brink of something huge. The Internet as you know it is about to change dramatically. The best part? These changes are flying totally under the radar. We spend more and more time online than ever before and the very nature of how you surf the web is about to change, yet you don’t hear very many people talking about it.

ICANN New Dot Video

With the “opening up of the Internet” by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or basically the governing body ruling over the Internet) there’s about to be much more than just .com, .net, and the rest of the gang (.org, .co, .tv, .me, .us – the list goes on and on!). It’s not that COM and NET are going away, they’re just getting a lot more company.

So what does that mean for you?

Well I don’t know you. Are you a dreamer? An entrepreneur? An artist? A totally non-tech savvy person who simply likes to surf the web? For the first time a web surfer can expect what type of content can be found on a given page before they reach the site. For example, is definitely a site targeted toward surfers whereas is much more ambiguous. That in turn also gives people branding themselves or their business online new tools to drive more targeted eyeballs their way. Whatever unique online presence you’ve dreamed of is now at your fingertips. It’s up to you how you use it.

For a full list of the new extensions that have been applied for, click here.

Tell us what you’re interested in. Browse our content, learn a little, and add extensions to your watcher. Start dreaming & scheming. You can recreate yourself, your art, or your business online in a way that has never been seen or dreamed of before.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:34 pm August 21, 2012

Apparently, is my first choice, and recently I need some domains like fr,re,yt,pm,wf,tf. But the prices are so high, they all $17.99. Your competitor internet**.net has a better pricing, they all just $8, and the service is not bad. I think you really need to cut prices, $10 – $14 is reasonable. What do you think?

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:21 pm August 22, 2012

You offer a very reasonable argument. What we see is that some registrars (like internetbs and offer some domains cheaper than others. We feel that we are extremely competitive, and while some companies may look less expensive at first, we offer no hidden fees and are completely transparent throughout. Not only that, but our customer service is second to none.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:26 pm August 22, 2012

Hey Shaman, depending on how many domains you have we may be able to work with you on special pricing. If you have 25 or more domains you can reach out to David, our domain concierge, at

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:24 pm August 23, 2012
Rahul Sutariya

I love, After 1and1, Godaddy & Enom, Network Solution. I settled If I need to pay some more bucks than others, will gladly pay because of transparency, security and lovely staff. (#1 Registrar that never misleading the buyers)

Extremely waiting for nTLD’s Approvals. Thanks MOD for giving David’s contact