New TLD Nic explains preorders, and 10 more New TLDs have launched

Domainber continues! It’s like we’re unwrapping a new set of presents each week, because more and more New TLDs are hitting the streets. None of the New TLDs that have launched have reached General Availability yet, but you can place a preorder to give yourself the best possible chance of getting your coveted domain when it does become available to the public. New TLD Nic has the details:

Think of a preorder as being similar to a backorder.

As soon as a TLD reaches General Availability, we’ll attempt to register it on your behalf. In short, we can register the domain much faster than you’d be able to go through a search and checkout flow on your own.

We can’t guarantee New TLD registrations through Preorders. However, they are refundable.

Here are the New TLDs that launched this week:

Wanna get in on the ground floor? Start your search!