Looking Good is Easy: Using Your New Domain Names Part 3

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You can turn your domain name into an email address.

You use your email address every day—probably even more often than your website. It’s the single-most visible part of your online presence. When you make first contact with a potential customer, client, or employer, it’s not your website they’ll see first. It’s your email address.

So what address are you using? Is it a 15-year-old AOL address? A generic address like Gmail or Yahoo? Instead, turn your domain name into an email address that’s memorable and adds some personality to every message you send.

There are two basic ways to get a custom email address. One is with free email forwarding, which allows you to receive messages at a custom address, but not to send. If you purchase an email plan—starting at $0.99 a month—you can send and receive messages just like you would with your current email address.


Set up email forwarding

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