5 more easter eggs hidden on Name.com’s website

5 more easter eggs hidden on Name.com’s website header image

Our readers who celebrate Easter know that it’s right around the corner. So what better time to point out more easter eggs—fun little hidden features—on the Name.com site?

Keep yourself entertained for a while by tracking down these fun features you probably haven’t seen before.

No new friends

Being the closet Drake fans that we are, we’re excited to say that he’s currently making a limited time appearance near the bottom of the Careers page in GIF form. We may not have any open positions right now, but this more than makes up for it.

I don’t know what kind of date nights you people have, but …

Our Bulk Search has a special feature you might not know about: The ability to create custom lists of domain extensions you’re interested in searching for, which can be saved for later. But we’ve also prepared some curated lists for you in the Bulk Groups tab. One of them in particular, called the Date Night group, is far from your, ahem, typical date night and creates a rather peculiar narrative.

A special guest on the About Us page

Who/what is this mystery guest?

You might remember last time we shared our list of fun things hidden on the Name.com site, there was a certain cardboard cut out hidden in the About Us photo. This time, there’s a different guest. It’s pretty conspicuous, so it shouldn’t take long to spot.

Up, Up, down, down, left, right,left, right, B, A

And, ever the classic, type in the Konami code on the home page for a cute little surprise. Helpful hint, keep pressing the space bar to generate more (And if you’ve seen this before, it’s worth trying again as it was recently updated).

Plus one more…

We recently added an extra video on the site that has an exclusive promo code for discounts on a number of domains. It’s hiding in plain site, so don’t feel like you need to comb through every little page to find it. (Feel free to email allison.chowdhury@name.com for an extra hint!)

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